Trans activists are promoting fake penises for girls under five to “pack” in their underwear if they identify as boys

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the phenomenon of “transgender children” spikes right across the Western world, there has been a boom in websites, instructional videos, and products marketed towards young children to help them pose as the opposite sex. “Packers,” for example, are prosthetic penises marketed to “trans girls”–some under five years of age–to put in their underwear in order to give them a “bulge” that helps them to appear as if they are male. While trans activists insist there is nothing sexual about this, the websites where these prosthetics (for children) can be ordered often insist that you be over 18 years of age in order to review their catalogues. One site even offers prosthetics for pre-pubescent girls that come with a harness so they can urinate while standing up, just like a boy. Again, these products were designed for children. They also offer underwear that helps young boys who identify as girls “tuck” their genitalia in such a way that they appear smooth, thus appearing more female. In case anyone thinks I am exaggerating–and this is a graphic material warning, as it deals with prosthetic genitalia–here is an instructional video for kids or “youth” who might want to use a “packer”:

For those who might say that this video was aimed at teens rather than children, I would point out that the same presenter made an entirely separate video on “packers” for “teens and adults.” One San Francisco company is selling their “packers” for “trans boys” (biological girls) ages four and up. Stop and think about this for just a moment: There are companies selling prosthetic penises for little preschool girls.

There are also many resources marketed towards girls who identify as boys–and it must be noted that this is far more common than boys identifying as girls among teens and young children. These resources include “binders,” which are worn by girls to flatten their chests and disguise their femininity, thus appearing more male. As even the instructional video notes, these “binders” can be very dangerous:

These websites–I won’t link directly to any of them, as many of them also sell a range of sexual paraphernalia–also include instructional manuals, children’s books promoting transgender ideology, and other equipment to assist children in disguising their so-called “birth sex” and appearing as the opposite sex. Many parents, it must be said, have been sucked in by transgender ideology, and have been informed by members of the medical community, school staff, or educators that they have no choice but to assist their child’s “transition,” regardless of any misgivings on their part and any understandable revulsion at providing small children with fake penises and other such equipment. As I noted recently–and I have also received heartbreaking emails to this effect–many parents are increasingly pushing back, but find themselves so demonized (parents have even had their children taken from them if they oppose transition) that they have been forced to meet in secret to desperately discuss what to do.

It is a simple and awful matter of fact that the transgender ideology is being taught to children, which is why Dr. Lisa Littman’s research (much-maligned by trans activists) has indicated that this phenomenon is a “social contagion.” Transgender Youtube stars, Jazz Jennings being among the most famous (Jennings’ video on transition has over 1.2 million hits and the channel has over 600,000 subscribers), have hundreds of thousands of impressionable viewers. As the available data indicates (and the British government is even conducting an investigation into why so many girls are attempting to transition into boys) this phenomenon is having a profound and widespread effect. This social experiment, with children as the guinea pigs and adults providing them with prosthetic genitalia, chest binders, and hormone drugs, is going to have a tragic impact that we do not yet fully comprehend.

It is essential that parents know what is going on. If you send your child to a public school, know that they will be exposed to this ideology, and know that there are many heartbroken mothers and fathers who have seen their children go down this road and were damned as transphobic bigots when they expressed concern about healthy girls getting double-mastectomies and their sons pursuing chemical or medical castration.  Stay vigilant and hold your children close, because our culture has gone mad and we will deeply regret not having done so.


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15 thoughts on “Trans activists are promoting fake penises for girls under five to “pack” in their underwear if they identify as boys

  1. KEVIN FORDHAM says:

    This just goes to show how good satan is at decieving individuals that this is ok. Liberals that identify as Christians are being decieved, and our children will adapt to whatever environment in which they live. Many parents just go with the flow, others will feel they have an obligation to raise their children according to GOD’S word, teaching them what is morally right and wrong, explaining why GOD is not politically correct. All we can do is love everyone, knowing that GOD will sort them out in the end.

  2. Perry M. says:

    WTF is our world coming too. As an adult you can make a reasonable decision but not as a minor. So whoever is promoting this needs a reality check. Enough is enough garbage.

    • Valentina Shtrigel says:

      God said in His Word that these things must happen before Christ’s Return. All we can do is still teach our young the Truth of God and that LGBTQ and Abortion are SINS and of Satan. In addition, place your full 100% trust in God and believe no matter what’s going on in this world, God has your full back.

  3. Melissa Woods says:

    Folks, protect your kids from this “la-la land”. We must stop Sodom and Gomorrah from rising again. You know what happened to them.

  4. Art says:

    5-year olds are just beginning to understand the difference between boys and girls so the idea that they are creating advanced, convoluted ideas of ‘identifying’ as the other sex is ludicrous and more likely the desires of the parent being imprinted on the child and that is child abuse.

  5. Liana says:


  6. Jim overit says:

    1920 kids helped with chores feeding animals planting fields cooking and helping out in the kitchen 1940 16 year old are lieing about there age to fight in a war to defend against nazi’s jump ahead to now and there handing out fake penises to kids and boys are making videos on how to put on makeup ,,, we are so doomed

  7. Kelly Taylor says:

    Fulfilling a dys-whatever is no different that giving a drug addict drugs except the drug addict has never had drugs. So sad that the normal and natural physical ans emotional requirements of an innocent child are so convoluted by their own parents. Pure evil. This is child abuse. Educate yourselves. Do not opinionate yourselves. God bless.

  8. Anne Howley says:

    “Transgenderism” is NOT normal. Creating a new name for it, or insisting on different pronouns doesn’t change the FACT that it occurs in far less than one in a thousand people.
    It is my belief that the great increase in the number of “trans- children” is due to the PARENTS’ desire to be seen as “politically correct,” “intersectional,” and, most importantly…”WOKE.”

  9. Jayson says:

    Oh my God. This is Satans work at his best. This person is just SICK for going on and on talking about CHILDREN as young as 5-8. A plastic strap on is what this is. These are sick individuals who make these, sick people that ADVERTISE THESE in great detail on a framing child! And the main ones are the sick parents who would buy these for their child! A dildo for a child. Anyone who agrees with these are sick people. And should be charged with child endangerment for buying a child a sex toy. He said “it’s nothing sexual”? That would be like a car. Buy motor parts but it have nothing to do with driving. Or owning a million dollar house and but Christmas lights to hang on it but it not have anything to do with the looks. This is disgusting. I plead and beg, don’t scar your kids for like. When you stand before GOD on your judgment day, he won’t see (take this host for example) he might “identify as a man but when he stands before GOD there will be a girl like GOD created. Gods word is infallible. He makes zero mistakes. What will this host say to GOD when he stands before our LORD? Today’s world and millions of kids are already in bad shape. Don’t make it worse for them. God bless you all. And please if anyone wants prayed for or with or to discuss this topic, email me or Facebook me.

  10. Dr. James Fiatarone says:

    The Evil One and the Innocent
    satan as always targets the most innocent and tries to confuse them and pervert their innocence, but he does it through his cohorts and not-so-innocent, the big people!
    With the enthusiastic help of these fallen souls, Evil seeks to create, especially among the youngest and most impressionable people, i.e. young boys and girls, a mindset of obsession, fear and confusion re: personal gender, sexuality, self-indulgence and self-orientation that then overwhelms the life of the individual, making it ever more difficult for him or for her to get outside the self and to orient toward other human beings, let alone to sacrifice and to live generously on their behalf.
    And once God as Creator and Father has been replaced by the “I”, by self-idolatry and self-oriented desires and decisions, there is no longer any absolute in terms of moral code or behavior, the Evil One is free to fill the moral void, to make the soul his own, a slave to itself and ultimately to the hater of God and of Good.
    Dr. James Fiatarone, Director, SAVE-A-BABY Foundation, California.

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