Teen girls worried that they are “dumb and boring” if they are straight as rates of trans kids skyrocket

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail published a nauseating and stunning op-ed by a mother who is speaking out about what is going on at schools in the United Kingdom. Suzanne Glover, which is a pseudonym for safety reasons due to the level of harassment faced by mothers who dare to speak out against the transgender trend, noted just how much things have changed since back when she was in school. No longer are the conversations with her 13-year-old daughter Bella (also a pseudonym) about school sports, studies, and social life. Now, says Glover, tales from school generally involve “dizzying stories of gender fluidity and sexual politics”:

There’s the on-going saga of Bella’s friend Jessica, who came out last year after she started dating Alexandra in another Year 9 class. Only Alexandra has since decided she’s now transgender and is living as a boy called Alex — who must only be referred to as ‘he’ — despite being a pupil at an all-girls school.

There were huge dramas when another classmate, Rebecca, confessed to Laura, who is in her maths set, that she was sexually attracted to her.  Laura, who used to present as a boy, angrily rejected her, saying she had jumped to the wrong conclusions, leaving Rebecca in tears. However, Laura has since decided she is gay after all, and the pair are now dating.


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