New York City creates an abortion fund for women from pro-life states

By Jonathon Van Maren

Following on the heels of Governor Cuomo’s decision to not only legalize abortion until birth but also to celebrate this macabre move by having New York landmarks lit up in pink, New York City has made another move to become America’s abortion capital—and this time, it is focused on other states. According to the appropriately-named Jezebel, NYC is responding to a recent rash of pro-life legislation by creating a fund to provide abortions to women from around the country:

New York City has set aside $250,000 to cover abortion expenses for uninsured people with a third of the money specifically earmarked for those traveling from outside the city seeking access to safe and legal abortion. The fund makes New York the first city in the country to designate money specifically for abortions.

The relatively small amount will probably help around 500 people get abortions through the New York Abortion Access Fund, but lawmakers also see the money as a statement against abortion bans taking place in other parts of the country. According to the New York Times, the money won’t necessarily go to Planned Parenthood, which already receives public funding and provides myriad other services, but rather to cover the cost of abortion for those without insurance:

“The abortion access fund provides payment to clinics on behalf of women who might not be able to pay for abortions, but are not covered by insurance or Medicaid. Roughly a third of the fund goes to women who come to New York for abortions.”

Uninsured people seeking abortions in New York City can contact the Abortion Access Fund, which offers an assessment within a 24-hour period, and in some cases, provides referrals to groups that cover transportation costs. The Times reports that in 2018, the group helped 600 people cover abortion expenses. City Councilwoman and chairwoman of the Council’s Women’s Caucus Carlina Rivera says that in the days before Roe v. Wade, the city’s less rigid abortion laws made New York a safer space for those looking to end pregnancies. She hopes to once again make the city “the beacon for the rest of the country.”

Welcome to 2019, the year New York City declared itself a “beacon for the rest of the country.” Apparently, that’s how an abortion extremist describes a city where African American babies are more likely to be killed in the womb than survive until birth, and aborting children has become the norm.

It appears that if you are a baby in the womb, the lines that New York City is most famous for should actually be placed near the border of Alabama or another pro-life state:

Give me your tired, your poor, 

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.


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