Teenage girl comes forward to accuse trans activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv of abuse

The Post-Millenial has just broken a disgusting but unsurprising story: The transgender activist who is suing a number of female beauty technicians for refusing to wax his genitals has turned out to be a predator. From the Post-Millenial:

A young woman has come forward with serious allegations of abuse against Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

Yaniv, a male-to-female transgender, has recently risen to infamy for the human rights tribunal suits she has taken out against 16 estheticians for declining to perform waxing services on her male genitals. While the suits are ongoing, a publication ban on Yaniv’s name and the content of her case and history was lifted during recent hearings, allowing details of her disturbing past behaviour to come to light. 

Twenty-year-old Jessica Rumpel of Sammamish, Washington State has disclosed details to the Post Millennial of her encounters with Jessica Yaniv.

Rumpel was just 14 years old at the time of the interactions, turning 15.

You can read the rest of their reporting here, and it is top-notch journalism. I’ll warn you though–it is really disturbing, so be aware that this is really awful stuff.

One thought on “Teenage girl comes forward to accuse trans activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv of abuse

  1. Lily says:

    Why are Christian Journalists calling him a her? He is genetically and physically a male, don’t cater to the politically incorrect gender ideology!
    Oh! My bad, you’re quoting someone else’s story. Feel free to delete my comment.

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