Christian fired because he refused to call a 6-foot bearded man “madam” (and other stories)

By Jonathon Van Maren

Here’s some pleasant news to start off our culture wars update, from FOX News:

The Trump administration stopped taxpayer dollars from going to abortion referrals at publicly funded family planning centers on Monday.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, sued the administration, along with 20 states and the District of Columbia, in an attempt to stop Health and Human Services, or HHS, from diverting Title X family planning funding going to abortions. But the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, with two judges appointed by Trump, rejected the plea.

“This is a devastating blow to the 4 million patients who obtain birth control, cancer screenings, and other essential care through Title X,” the organization tweeted.

Planned Parenthood, of course, is not actually a healthcare organization. They are an abortion business masquerading as an essential healthcare provider, and the faster Trump and the GOP can cripple them through defunding, the more pre-born lives will be saved.


The United Kingdom is continuing its bizarre war against biological reality, firing and suppressing those who disagree with the ever-evolving gender ideology that appears to metastasize by the day. From the BBC:

Dr David Mackereth, of Dudley, says the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) discriminated against him for refusing to use other people’s chosen pronouns. He was suspended as a disability claims assessor in June 2018. His tribunal heard he lost his job after saying he would not refer to “any 6ft tall bearded man” as “madam”.

The 56-year-old recounted a conversation with a manager at an assessment centre, shortly after being appointed, where he was asked if he would address the man as “she” and “Mrs”. Dr Mackereth, an experienced emergency department doctor, said he replied: “As a Christian, I would not be able to accede to such a request in good conscience.”

He said it was made clear to him it was likely he would lose his job after the conversation, unless he agreed to use chosen pronouns. Concluding his opening statement at the tribunal, he said: “What I object to is being forced to do violence to language and common sense, in a ritual denial of an obvious truth, for the sake of an ideology which I disbelieve and detest”.

Getting suspended for refusing to call a large bearded bloke “madam”—if that’s not peak 2019, I don’t know what is.


Canada’s pathetic pro-abortion movement continues to suppress all facts that they find inconvenient, including the fact that abortion is unrestricted throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and our obedient regulators and bumbling bureaucrats continue to heed their commands. From Global News:

A controversial anti-abortion billboard that stood beside the highway in West Kelowna for more than a year has been taken down and replaced after a decision by an ad standards council.

The billboard read “Our right to life does not depend on location” and featured a picture of an adult holding a baby and of a pregnant woman’s belly. Some complained about the sign, arguing the images were misleading.

“The billboard before indicated that a woman who was almost full-term could still just have the choice to terminate the pregnancy,” said Ruth Mellor, a member of the Kelowna and District Pro-Choice Action Society. Ad Standards Canada agreed, writing that “it is extremely rare that abortions are, or may be, performed in Canada at this late stage of pregnancy; and certainly not on demand by the pregnant mother.”

The council also found the ad was demeaning to women “who may have to consider abortion, as a viable option, including women who need to consider such a procedure for medical reasons.”

The simple fact is that you can get a late-term abortion in Canada if you want one, although many physicians refuse to do abortions in later stages—even Henry Morgentaler was uncomfortable with the sorts of abortions that the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada would defend. But the Canadian government will fly women to the US to procure these abortions, and on the taxpayer’s dime to boot.


Over at the National Review, David French takes a look at what the American pro-life movement has accomplished as well as will need to be done if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Read the whole thing, but this part was particularly encouraging:

Cultural change precedes legal change, and cultural change is more potent than legal change. For example, according to CDC data, despite an expanding population, there were 202,000 fewer abortions in the United States in 2015 compared with 2006. That’s a greater reduction than the one projected to result from overruling Roe, and it was accomplished while Roe remained intact. Consider this Guttmacher chart, which chronicles a long-term decline in the abortion rate of more than 50 percent. That falling line represents millions fewer abortions:

Put simply, the pro-life movement is one of the most successful cultural movements in American history.

Millions of people are alive today because of the pro-life movement, and that is a simple matter of fact.

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