Ben Shapiro explains the best way to change someone’s mind about abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

Ben Shapiro is arguably conservatism’s fastest rising star, with his wildly popular podcast, his campus speeches, and a New York Times bestseller keeping him at the top of the pundit pack. He’s also a consistently powerful voice for the pro-life position, debating students on abortion during his campus appearances, frequently visiting the topic on his podcast, and even doing a live-cast from the stage at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. As a result, Shapiro has accrued many fans within the pro-life movement.

And so it might interest people that Shapiro has also weighed in on pro-life tactics—specifically, the use of abortion victim photography, which some pro-lifers still find controversial. When one student asked Shapiro during a campus event what he thought the best debate tactic against a pro-abortion person would be, Shapiro didn’t hesitate: “Show them a picture of a dead baby. End of story.” He recalled encountering a display of abortion victim photos at the 2012 Democratic Convention, noting that he saw guys walking around “wearing buttons that said, ‘I love pro-choice girls.’” Shapiro stopped and rolled his eyes: “I can’t imagine why.” The laughter of the students confirmed that they, too, knew why: Men who want to dodge responsibility are quite fond of girls who are willing to abort their offspring.


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