Alyssa Milano’s story about her two aborted children highlights how abortion is lethal selfishness

By Jonathon Van Maren

Since relaunching the #MeToo movement in October of 2017, Alyssa Milano has been popping up everywhere. A onetime TV actress and now activist, she showed up at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, responded to state-level abortion restrictions by suggesting a sex strike (a proposal pro-life leaders heartily endorsed), and has campaigned against pro-life legislation. She appears to be extraordinarily passionate about abortion.

This week, the 46-year-old finally revealed the real source of her passion about abortion on her podcast, appropriately named Sorry Not Sorry: she had two children aborted in 1993, when she was in her twenties. Despite the shocking fact that she had two abortions inside a single year, Milano wanted her listeners to know that she does not regret her decisions in the slightest.


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