Sorry Bill Maher, Dennis Prager was right: The Left does say that “men can menstruate”

By Jonaton Van Maren

The transgender train is now rattling along at such breakneck speeds that even many liberal commentators cannot keep pace with the rate of progress. Exhibit A is an exchange between HBO’s Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher, and bestselling author and radio host Dennis Prager. During a spirited debate on Maher’s show on whether the Right or the Left was more guilty of deceiving the public in modern America, a visibly angry Prager launched into a scathing tirade on one of progressivism’s insane new dogmas: the idea that men can actually be women and are entitled to be treated as such.

“To say that men can menstruate is a lie, and that is now, that is what is said,” Prager told Maher and the panel. Maher looked genuinely confused and then mockingly sceptical. “Wait, wait, wait, where did that come from?” he chuckled.


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