Miss Americana: Taylor Swift bashes Christians as illiterate trailer park trash on her path to wokeness

By Jonathon Van Maren

Netflix’s much-anticipated documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, directed by Lana Wilson, was released Jan. 31 to rave reviews from fans and mild compliments from critics, who applauded Wilson’s ability to get at the “real” Taylor.

Promoted as an intimate look at one of the music industry’s biggest megastars, the documentary actually spends very little time on Swift’s rise, her switch in music genres, or anything personal that isn’t already a matter of public record. “Miss Americana” instead spends a lot of time on politics, and Wilson delivers an inside look at Swift’s decision to reverse her much-criticized policy of staying out of the political arena.

Miss Americana is really about how Taylor Swift got woke. Conservatives like to gloat about how little influence celebrities have on elections, but Swift’s decision to come out in favor of Democrat Phil Bredesen in the 2019 midterm election may have affected youth voter turnout in Tennessee. The documentary claims more than 50,000 young voters registered last-minute, allegedly due to Swift’s plea to her fans to get involved, although election trends indicate spiked voter registration before an election is the norm. She posted her political coming-out statement on Instagram, where she has 126 million followers. As Swift notes at one point, millions of them will soon be voters, and she plans to use her platform to shape their views. It’s possible, however, this statement actually unintentionally spurred voters to hit the polls for Marsha Blackburn, since Tennessee is a red state.

Swift’s supposed metamorphosis is so painfully wooden, one suspects she green-lit the documentary specifically to plug her leftist bona fides. At one point she actually clinks her wine glass and announces, “Cheers to the Resistance!”

Miss Americana is the saga of Swift’s willingness to “run from fascism” — yes, she said that — and it plods through her throes of conscience, her argument with her handlers over whether she should go political, and the tremendous weight that apparently lifted off her shoulders when she joined the other courageous celebrities who have dared to brave the backlash and step out against Donald J. Trump.


23 thoughts on “Miss Americana: Taylor Swift bashes Christians as illiterate trailer park trash on her path to wokeness

  1. Lisa Thomas says:

    All of this ideology is disheartening and seditious. How selfish and self centered one must be to fully “trash” people..especially people who have paid and traveled to see and hear your music. Music to find out her so called wokeness hates and mocks us. Well, I’m not worried that one she mocks created her. And knows exactly how to “woke” refill her! As far as killing chikdren: they have proven themselves as wicked murderers!

    • Glenda says:

      Sadly, I have watched Taylor …just like Miley Cyrus change over the years with the way she now dresses …her moral conduct… to how she fails to do her research & lead her young naive flock down the road to socialism & destruction. I use to be an avid fan.

      • Amen says:

        Taylor thinks she is so much better than anyone. I have never liked her music or her. Bash all you want. I am proud to be a Christian who definitely does not come close to what she calls trailer trash. I am more than likely higher up than Swift in her assumption. She is of sewer consequence to me.

    • Mia says:

      Trash? Christian’s? First, I hope the Lord forgives you. You are too young and irresponsible to make that kind of statement. Be careful, Taylor. You can mess with all the ‘guys’, but when out Lord and Savior are involved, watch yourself.

    • Stephanie says:

      This woman can not sing that good anyway I could care less what trash like her thinks. All she is is evil and obviously owned by Satan. Everyone should turn their backs on her donot support her music any more without fans she has nothing and is nothing.

    • Tracie says:

      You said it quite well. I don’t listen to most entertainers because heir filled with their god-satan, the gospel of this world. They speak his lies and push his agenda of hate. Sadly, they serve a false god that hates their guts and gives hell as a reward for their service. So I’m the end their very ignorant to give up true inheritance for hell!

  2. Robert Pavlick says:

    And she and her baby-murdering ANTIFA friends with their multi-color hair and piercings, who aren’t even sure of what gender they are from day to day are superior to the Trump supporters that they put down? I doubt that they could even find their own states on a wall map !

  3. Vickie Davis says:

    And she thinks we will let opinion bother us. Look at her… she is the one that will have to answer to her actions, not us who believes in Christ.

  4. Stan W. says:

    I saw the whole thing. Swift comes off as very insecure and feeling not in control of her huge life. Like a large company she has stockholders that want her to act a certain way. Just make your hit and don’t make waves.
    She never said anything negative about Christian’s. She was angry that Blackburn was saying her policies reflected “Tenessee Christian Values”. And she say something like “I am Christian, I live in Tenessee, Her values are not mine.”
    Her main beef with Blackburn was she voted against something that would’ve given woman more protection from stalkers. Swift was stalked. Some one broke into her house and slept in her bed. I can’t confirm the truth of this, but she claims Blackburn’s voting record on women’s issues is awful, like she is Trump in a wig… I guess she is equating her with his disrespect of many women.
    She is super rich, but she doesn’t come off as elitist. In fact if I were her I would try to worry less about what fans say about her— for her sanity and health.

  5. Mark Solars says:

    If I mention the name Taylor Swift to my students, they give me a nasty face. That don’t like her or her music. Hilarious! She’s so out of touch.

  6. Karen says:

    Taylor Swift is not a versatile songwriter. All her phony baloga songs sound alike. There is originality to her music Just heart break Real trash. I wouldnt touch her cds for all the gold in china..

  7. Jackie snyder says:

    For all of y’all who just commented. Your views are not any better than hers. I just read everyone of y’alls comments and everyone of you were very negative. You criticized the rights of a humans belief, you criticized the LGBQ, you degraded her as person. I just don’t get how we as a country are suppose grow if we can’t accept one another. People have the right to be who they want to be and believe what they want to believe. But to build hatred and negativity is not the way. As Christians we love all people and we respect all people-regardless of what? Color, Race, Gender, Religion, Age, Sexual Orientations, National Origin or Disabilities. So let’s try to remember these things and put them in perspective whenever you decide to speak about someone. Let’s try to be nice and be kind. This world does not need to be so negative. Try and watch an Ellen Degeneres show. She will fill your heart full of love ❤️.

    • Chloe Dorey says:

      We are to love people, yes, but not support and accept all the wrong they do.

      Jesus said to the women caught in adultery ‘Neither do I condemn you….now go and sin no more’. He accepts her but tells her to stop the wrong. Plus, Life is not about “US” and WHO we want to me, we should seek to become who God wants us to be. He knows best and we should be humble enough to pursue that.

  8. Mia says:

    Trash? Christian’s? First, I hope the Lord forgives you. You are too young and irresponsible to make that kind of statement. Be careful, Taylor. You can mess with all the ‘guys’, but when out Lord and Savior are involved, watch yourself.

  9. Chloe says:

    Taylor claims in her doc, that she is “Christian”, she knows nothing about being a Christian, her ‘calm down’ video, clearly shows that. She supports passionately LGBTQ stuff. She is very much on the enemy’s side, when Jesus come back, all her credentials and achievements will mean sod all.

    If anything, as a follower of Jesus, I’m angered and insulted by her work and then claim to be Christian. Taylor, you are anything but and Christian!.

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