Trudeau is using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions overseas as part of efforts to “fight COVID-19 pandemic”

By Jonathon Van Maren

Last week, I noted that every province and territory in Canada has labeled abortion an “essential service” and is keeping abortion facilities open during the COVID-19 pandemic—and that abortion activists were even concerned that Canada might face a “shortage” of RU-486 (the abortion pill.) I also noted that pro-life work is going to be even more essential in the days ahead as we will in all likelihood face a coronavirus abortion boom.

And now, as the government spends billions of dollars to keep millions of Canadians from insolvency, it turns out that Justin Trudeau’s commitment to using our taxpayer dollars (money our country is going to need) to pay for abortions in other countries is unwavering, even in the face of a pandemic. According to Global Affairs Canada, Minister of International Development Karina Gould “announced the allocation of $159.5 million in funding to support international efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic…Canada’s investment also aims to ensure that its international partners can maintain their services for vulnerable populations, including support for sexual and reproductive health and rights.”

Not only are we paying for abortions here in Canada, we are also paying for abortions overseas. Trudeau and his government do not explain how killing babies in the womb in other countries helps to “fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” but for extremists like Trudeau, abortion is almost always the answer, regardless of what the question is. (The World Health Organization, which has managed to both botch their pandemic response and shill for China, has also declared abortion an “essential service.”)

We are facing an unprecedented global cataclysm, the likes of which many of us have not seen in our lifetimes. We do not yet know what the economic damage to Canada will be, but we do know that deficits will spike dramatically and that roughly a million Canadians are now on Employment Insurance (with many more to come). We will need to pay for this somehow, but yet Justin Trudeau—and most Canadian leaders—are firmly committed both to funding the “essential service” of killing the next generation in the womb, and taking our money to have babies killed overseas, as well.

One thought on “Trudeau is using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions overseas as part of efforts to “fight COVID-19 pandemic”

  1. Jennifer Wagner says:

    Sorry to hear Canadians are just now seeing what their leader is made of…. He set this agenda a long time ago of funding abortions worldwide…. Truly you should have complained when he first bragged about how much of your tax $$$ would be going out! I saw that months ago and felt a stab in my spirit that he will be paying for that. He doesn’t need the USA assistance because he spent his emergency funding. Canadians need to team up and legally protest before he makes it even worse….

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