The British government is planning to ban sex-change surgeries for minors

By Jonathon Van Maren

According to The Telegraph, UK Minister for Women and Equalities Liz Truss has announced that the British government will be taking steps to ban children from undergoing sex-change surgeries before age 18. This is a genuinely stunning move: While regular readers will know that I preferred Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the anti-Semitic socialist Jeremy Corbyn, I was not optimistic that Johnson’s government would actually enact any socially conservative policies.

It is a sign of the times, of course, that a law banning the genital mutilation of children with gender dysphoria is even necessary. The United Kingdom has seen a breathtaking spike of children identifying as transgender over the past several years — the British government vowed to investigate why there was a 4,000 percent increase in children seeking to “transition” in less than a decade back in 2018, and the British press has drawn attention to the fact that many who have chosen to transition have gone on to regret their decision.


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