The transgender movement is collapsing in England after the Cass Review

Is it possible that the transgender tide might go out as swiftly as it came in? 

The impact of the Cass Review has been international, but the response has been mixed. The Netherlands rejected “self-identification” by a wide margin, but Sweden and Germany approved it. The Canadian establishment claimed the findings were “transphobic,” and the American LGBT activists similarly ignored these findings. Some people won’t wake up until the lawsuits are served. 

In the U.K., however, the Cass Review appears to be a tipping point. Scotland’s “gender clinics” have paused the prescription of puberty blockers (which England’s National Health Service has banned entirely outside of clinical trials). The NHS has also announced that in the wake of the Cass Review, an independent review of adult “gender clinics” will also be conducted (although Hilary Cass, who currently cannot use public transit due to security concerns, will not be spearheading it). 

Indeed, the NHS is not wasting any time in reversing the changes that have crept in over the past decade. Health Secretary Victoria Atkins is scheduled to announce changes to the NHS constitution on patients’ rights this week with an eight-week consultation period, according to the Telegraph. These changes, it appears, will actually be a reversion to the norm, with terms such as “chestfeeding” and “people with ovaries” banned in favor of the sex-specific terms previously used.  

As I reported in this space over the past several years, references to women had slowly but steadily been removed from NHS websites and medical documents, even on female-specific subjects such as cervical and ovarian cancer and menopause.  

The Telegraph called the coming changes a “crack down on transgender ideology in hospitals,” and it will include banning transgender-identifying men from being treated in single-sex female hospital wards; ensure the “privacy and protection” of women and girls; and grant patients the right to request and receive that any “intimate care is carried out by someone of the same biological sex.” The NHS had previously caved to transgender activist demands that people be allowed access to facilities based on their gender claims. 

Kemi Badenoch, the women and equalities minister, has taken it a step further, supporting a full public inquire into the “pervasive influence” of “transgender ideology in the NHS.” A government source told the Telegraph: “The Government has been clear that biological sex matters, and women and girls are entitled to receive the protection and privacy they need in all healthcare settings. Our proposed updates to the NHS constitution will give patients the right to request same-sex intimate care and accommodation to protect their safety, privacy and dignity.” 

According to Maya Forstater, who was fired for opposing gender ideology, won a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, and founded the campaign organization Sex Matters, these coming changes are a “major step” towards walking back NHS England’s “capitulation to the demands of gender extremists, which has damaged policies and practices, created widespread confusion, and harmed patient care.”  

There is still much to do – the premises of the transgender movement have infiltrated almost every major institution in the Western world. But the purge of the National Health Service and the formal amendment of the NHS constitution to ensure the permanence of this return to sanity are a significant step – especially because these moves will encourage other institutions to do the same. The rejection of terms like “chestfeeding” and “people with ovaries” by the NHS signals to the rest of society that these terms are not “official,” or “medical,” or “correct” – they are ideological terms meant to enforce a specific understanding of the world.  

The transgender movement conquered the U.K. overnight. It may lose England just as swiftly.  

One thought on “The transgender movement is collapsing in England after the Cass Review

  1. Klerk says:

    The “transgender movement” is nothing more than a Satanic head-fake to get Christians to look away while trans-singleness and trans-individiality brings an end to marriage in the West and stabs Christ’s bride in the back. “I am my beloved’s and (s)he is mine,” is thrown out and replaced with the anti-gospel creed, “My body, my choice.”

    Gay couples are fruitless, and trans-sexuality is a dead end wherever it is embraced. It is man-woman unions that are fruitful and are the target of the evil one.

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