Why the abortion wars have damaged public trust on the coronavirus (and so much more)

By Jonathon Van Maren

There has been much talk of conspiracy theories over the past several weeks. Some people are proposing them, prestigious publications like The Atlantic are issuing dire warnings (the conspiracy theorists are winning!), Christian thinkers are attempting to lay out why the ground is so fertile for such theories, and I attempted to explain why so many of these theories are swirling around Bill Gates. In a hyper-politicized age where everybody’s motives are suspect, it is difficult to know who to trust—especially when government bodies and public health agencies are often the very institutions promoting hormone blockers, birth control, and abortion.

I’d like to reiterate a point I’ve made about this before: Much of the erosion of public trust and growing polarization is a direct result of the abortion wars. Government bodies expect people to believe that they have the public interest in view, but they cancelled chemotherapy treatments and delayed other essential medical needs while awaiting the COVID-19 surge—while keeping every abortion clinic open for business. They stated that feticide was healthcare while delaying life-saving treatments for cancer patients. They claimed that everything they were doing was to protect the vulnerable, while also telling us that the destruction of the vulnerable was so important that it was one of the only services permitted to remain open during a global pandemic.



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