BOOK TRAILER: Patriots: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Pro-Life Movement

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3 thoughts on “BOOK TRAILER: Patriots: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Pro-Life Movement

  1. Tricia O'Connor says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    with the world suddenly thrown into chaos, and not so soon after Canada’s recent election, may the Irish inspire Canadians to stop voting for the godless, the sodomites, and the pro-abortion party called, ‘The Progressive Conservatives’.

    Under this party, for 30 years, they have been conning Christians to think that, ‘I am personally prolife, but I respect a woman’s right to choose’ ~ line of the PC’s, they have wasted more than 30 years on the issue of why taxpayers should not be providing a service called, ‘abortion’.

    The reality is, this ‘service’ is to promote the whims of pimps, predators, irresponsible men (fathers), adulterers, and fornicators, by ripping apart helpless children.

    ONLY THE CHP, the party which is truly founded upon the Judeo-Christian values and which obeys the preamble to our Charter which reads, ‘We are a sovereign nation under the supremacy of God’ and whose only agenda for forming was in response to the PC party under Mulroney, to object to the idea that Canada needs no law to protect the pre-born. I notice a distinct bias towards this party which is lying and covering up their pro-abortion agenda among Christians.

    Instead of pandering to the PC’s, it’s time that the Bridgehead interviews people like me, or Linda Gibbons, or better yet, our party leader, Rod Taylor.

    I have been in the prolife (sidewalk counsellor, politician) for 30 years. I am also in touch with the prolife party of Ireland, Una O’Connor (county Kildare).

    While I so much appreciate all that you do, I believe that Canadians are owed more.

    That is why we have a party in this country which is small (like David when he met Goliath) but we are growing. Think about how small a fetus is, but God sees more: a child who grows up to have children, grand children, and many more after that.

    I would also ask you if you had already planned on attending the CHP Leadership Convention as a reporter. If not, please do plan to do so with prayer, (October 21-24) in Calgary. I am sure that Rod would be happy to meet you there.

    In such troubled times, when we know the remedy to the riots, the economic fiat money depression, the plandemic to kill off our elderly, (etc), is found in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, but how can we repent of ‘our wicked ways’ if we do not take a strong attack upon the party which has been promoting abortion and fooling Christians for 30 years? It is one of ‘our wicked ways’ that God is expecting this country to repent of.

    In faith for a complete turn-around as we have seen in Ireland, in hope of things not seen yet believing for, and in love of God, His Word, this nation, and all the preborn children, Tricia O’Connor, CHP, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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