Where will the transgender juggernaut take us in five years?

By Jonathon Van Maren

It’s been a busy news month for the transgender movement, as court victories and cancelations of opponents continue to illustrate the power of this ongoing culture revolution. Here are a few examples just from August that should concern us.

The impact of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch’s Bostock decision is already being made manifest as a federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s rule protecting freedom of conscience for physicians one day before it was to go into effect. The rule would have protected doctors from having to participate in procedures or surgeries they are morally opposed to, such as abortion and transgender surgery. U.S. District Court judge Frederic Block claimed that the rule violated Gorsuch’s trans rights ruling in June. We’re going to see many more rulings referencing Bostock in the next few years, all thanks to Antonin Scalia’s replacement.


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