Jennifer Lopez announces her transgender “nibling”

By Jonathon Van Maren

Hollywood’s efforts to mainstream transgender ideology are as old as the trans movement’s first major public efforts — which is to say, less than a decade old. But since then, many celebrities have bought in completely. As I noted earlier this summer, Walking Dead actor Khary Payton recently announced on social media that his 11-year-old daughter is now his transgender “son.” Charlize Theron is raising her son Jackson as a girl. Cynthia Nixon’s daughter underwent a “transition” to appear male. Most famously, singer Cher’s daughter Chastity underwent “sex change surgery” and came out as Chaz Bono.

Just as Hollywood campaigned for mainstream acceptance of the LGBT movement by sprinkling its entertainment with same-sex weddings and gay characters, they are doing the same for the trans movement. There are films like The Danish Girl (the trans movement’s Milk), but also the introduction of transgender children into cartoons, Netflix tween shows like The Babysitter’s Club, and TV shows such as Modern Family (in which the gay dads are terrified that the toddler they’re raising is “transphobic” and “a baby bigot”), CSINCISDesignated SurvivorGrey’s Anatomy (which features a teen coming in for surgery with a trans partner), Orange wIs the New Black (which landed Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME), and many others.


One thought on “Jennifer Lopez announces her transgender “nibling”

  1. mytranssexualdate says:

    Hi Jonathon,

    I advice to everyone to watch the film “Draw With Me”. It’s the perfect exemple of trying to make mainstream the transgender people situation.

    Some can think that it’s just a nice timing to take profit from the movement. Some other can think it’s truly necessary…

    It’s just important for all of that. Because when enough people start to think about what is their opinion about something they are not usually concerned about, this thing start to be mainstream. And this is a good thing for the community.

    Thanks again for sharing,


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