Pro-life leader after Argentina legalizes abortion: ‘We’ll fight’

By Jonathon Van Maren

I have been following the war between the abortion activists, represented by their signature green gear, and the Blue Wave movement since 2018, when Argentina’s senate voted narrowly against legalizing abortion. Since then, I have been in contact with pro-life leaders and grassroots activists from across the continent as the anti-abortion movement has spread from country to country, culminating in massive marches. Pro-lifers not only in Argentina but in many Latin American nations were crushed by the narrow senate vote legalizing abortion last week.

When I spoke with Camila Duro, a 26-year-old Argentine pro-life leader who works for Frente Joven, and pro-life journalist José Carmuega shortly before the congressional vote in early December, they were concerned but cautiously optimistic that legalization would be avoided by a very narrow margin.

Millions of pro-lifers had taken to the streets across the country since 2018, and the victory two years ago had proven a catalyst for Latin America’s silent pro-life majority. Many people had been unaware that international organizations, global abortion giants, supposed human rights NGOs, and Western nations were pushing relentlessly to see abortion brought to their nations.

It was this pressure that pushed a handful of senators into the abortion camp. I reached Camila Duro two days after the vote, and she told me that the abortion activists had spared no effort to ensure that 2020 would not be a repeat of 2018.


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