America has become the primary exporter of cultural poison in the world

By Jonathon Van Maren

The patriotic American Right has long said that the United States is a force for freedom and democracy in the world. Even when acting as the world’s policeman (a status badly damaged both at home and abroad in the aftermath of the Iraq war started in 2003), it was generally understood that America’s mistakes were a result of naivete rather than sinister motive. The United States of America was a shining city on a hill, and anyone who insinuated — as Ron Paul and his counterparts on the Left frequently did — that anyone might see her differently was met with offended aggression.

But the reality is that America has, over the past-half century, been the primary exporter of cultural poison. Beyond Hollywood films and TV and American music and the collective coarsening and globalizing effect on culture, there is the Sexual Revolution itself — not to mention the tsunami of digital pornography.

Much of progressive thought metastasized first in America. Under Obama and again under Biden, abortion and the LGBT agenda are relentlessly pushed on more conservative nations with peoples who still hold to the values America has abandoned. The West is post-Christian. America leads the West.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail and the New York Times are reporting that prominent politicians, intellectuals and academics in France are now expressing concern that as America plunges towards progressive radicalism, other unwilling nations are being dragged along for the ride as their own young people follow the progressive Pied Piper.

According to the Mail, they “are arguing that American ideas on race, gender, post-colonialism — especially those coming from U.S. universities — are undermining French society and are an attack on French heritage.”


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