Student indefinitely suspended for posting “a man is a man and a woman is a woman”

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The Episcopal Church suffered a huge blow when the Supreme Court declined to hear a case regarding a property dispute with a breakaway diocese in Forth Worth, Texas. The diocese had decided to leave the Episcopal Church as the collapsing mainline denomination continued to abandon biblical principle and embrace homosexuality. They joined the more conservative Anglican Church in North America and were sued over dozens of church properties totally over $100 million. The Episcopal Church now has no recourse, and has abandoned their attempt to achieve possession of these properties.


Gender ideology continues to infect the highest echelons of society. From The Post Millennial:

A fourth year UBC medical student, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of professional repercussions, provided screenshots of a confusing exam question and answer. The multiple-choice question is about sexually transmitted disease screening for a “cisgender” male (read: biological male) with a new partner, who is a woman. One of the available answers says that his partner “has a vagina.” Now, before you suggest that women have vaginas, you should know that the answer key instructs you to “[a]void making cisheteronormative assumptions about people and their sexual practices.” In other words: dispense with the science and get on board with the cult of intersectionality.

If you were to select the “[his] new partner has a vagina” answer, you would be wrong—because, according to UBC medical school, women “may or may not have a penis.” And no, this does not mean that even that some people who identify themselves as women can have penises, or that some biological male people with gender dysphoria like to be referred to as women. Instead, this is an elite medical school teaching its students that literal women—female people—may or may not have male sexual organs.

In a decade or so, an entire generation will have been raised to believe that gender and sex bear no correlation to one another.


Speaking of which, acknowledging reality can already get you in trouble in some workplaces. From The College Fix:

The School of Education at the State University of New York-Geneseo believes that state law prevents teachers from publicly acknowledging the biological reality of sex. It has indefinitely suspended a student from completing required coursework until he takes down his Instagram videos – particularly one that says “a man is a man and a woman is a woman” (below) – tones down his “social media presence” and submits to what he calls “re-education” training, The Daily Wire reports.

The news outlet reviewed Owen Stevens’ suspension, which bans his participation in “in-school field experiences and courses that have field experiences” until he accedes to the school’s demands. SUNY-Geneseo claims Stevens can’t express common conservative views on biological sex, Columbus Day and the neo-segregation now popular in campus diversity programs – all subjects of his Instagram videos – simply because of his program.

A spokesperson told the Daily that students must follow the “professional standards” of their chosen field by acting and behaving in ways that “may differ from their personal predilections.”

It is pretty mind-blowing that the fact that humans are either male or female is now being referred to as the “conservative” view of the human condition.


But so it seems. Consider this actual headline from the BBC three days ago: “Government agrees to call pregnant women mothers.”

That is a headline. On the website of a state broadcaster. Because it is considered news.


At the international level, trans activists are also pushing hard. According to C-Fam, a new report complains that parents are blocking sexual freedom for kids:

The report insists that children have diverse gender identities, sexual orientations, and expression. A recent poll out from the Gallup polling organization shows that more children do believe these things. The numbers for “trans” and “bi” have increased substantially in recent years. Advocates say this is the result of increasing societal acceptance. Critics will say it is because of LGBT propaganda in the media and schools. It could be possible that children are announcing these changes under peer pressure and being au courant.

Progressives find parents irritating and inconvenient because they interrupt the social engineering process. That is why parents are so important.


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