The number of self-identified trans people has gone up 800%–and how you can protect your kids

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Forbes looks at whether “at-home abortions” will still be available once the pandemic is over. Abortion activists have been eager to use the COVID-19 crisis to get what they always wanted: easier access to abortion drugs without the inconvenience of having to consult a medical professional in the process. In the UK, women have already been transported to the hospital after ingesting pills, and murder investigations have been opened into those who have attempted to abort babies past the 24-week legal limit.


The Economist examines “Europe’s underground abortion network,” in which women from Poland and other nations where abortion is restricted or difficult to access travel to other nations where abortion is easy to obtain to drop their children off.


According to the U.S. News and World Report:

In the past few years, state legislatures have enacted more than 250 abortion-related laws in 45 states, according to the study from authors at the University of Utah. Of the laws enacted between January 2017 and November 2020, 88.7% restricted access to abortion services. Seven states accounted for more than half of those restrictive laws: Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio and Utah.

We’ll see if those laws survive the Equality Act.


Over at Breakpoint, John Stonestreet has rolled out a new way to protect kids from the transgender agenda:

Christians ask me all the time, but especially when it comes to the all-out cultural assault on children, what can we do? My first answer is that we must not sit this one out. For this, we can take inspiration from the past. In fact, Christian history is full of stories of Christians who confronted a pagan culture by seeking to protect children who were being abused and victimized. Two examples that come to mind are Amy Carmichael, who won souls and freed temple prostitutes, and William Wilberforce, who freed slaves and instituted child labor reforms.

This is our moment to live out our faith by looking after children.

To do just that is why the Colson Center has joined an important new coalition, consisting of over a dozen other organizations, thousands of parents, and dozens of lawmakers. The Promise to America’s Children (which is headed up by the Heritage Foundation, the Family Policy Alliance, and the Alliance Defending Freedom) has articulated a simple promise: that as adults, we will protect children in three areas: their minds, their bodies, and their most important relationships.

Check it out. It’s worth your time.


Recent Gallup polling shows that the number of Americans identifying somewhere on the LGBTQ rainbow spectrum has surged to 5.6%. From the data:

In addition to the pronounced generational differences, significant gender differences are seen in sexual identity, as well as differences by people’s political ideology:

  • Women are more likely than men to identify as LGBT (6.4% vs. 4.9%, respectively)
  • Women are more likely to identify as bisexual — 4.3% do, with 1.3% identifying as lesbian and 1.3% as something else. Among men, 2.5% identify as gay, 1.8% as bisexual and 0.6% as something else.
  • 13.0% of political liberals, 4.4% of moderates and 2.3% of conservatives say they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
  • Differences are somewhat less pronounced by party identification than by ideology, with 8.8% of Democrats, 6.5% of independents and 1.7% of Republicans identifying as LGBT.
  • There are no meaningful educational differences — 5.6% of college graduates and 5.7% of college nongraduates are LGBT.

As Rod Dreher observed:

The trans part is the most shocking: between Gen X and the Millennials, the number of self-identified trans people has increased by 500 percent. Between Gen X and their children’s generation, Gen Z, the number of self-identified trans people has increased by 800 percent.

This is the effect of the collapse of cultural standards, and the propaganda campaign waged in the media and in schools. Today I had a private Zoom conference with senior clergy of a conservative American denomination. They said that the trans thing is exploding among their youth — kids who were raised in this conservative church — and pastors are struggling to know how to talk about it. One cleric said other pastors tell him that they don’t want to “lead” with preaching on transgenderism, for fear of alienating seekers. He said he tells them that you have to take that risk, because families and congregations are being hammered by propaganda all the time.

Those numbers are staggering, and if the LGBT movement continues to take over education, it will continue to rise. If you have kids in public school, pull them out.


More soon.

One thought on “The number of self-identified trans people has gone up 800%–and how you can protect your kids

  1. Robert tomkinson says:

    Strong leadership is desperately needed. We need a lightning-rod on-line presence. And we need articulate, politically-savy Christians to stand and lead. These perversions are filling a secular moral vacuum. It is not enough to huddle to protect our own. Millions of children are now at risk of slavery.

    And the situation is an obvious opportunity for us to show leadership by loudly proclaiming the moral side of our Faith as the solution. We are now the remnant. The survival of Western Civilization depends on us.

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