Biden’s COVID relief bill would give Planned Parenthood fifty million dollars

During its last fiscal year, Planned Parenthood killed 354,871 babies and become one of America’s largest dispensers of transgender hormone therapy. The abortion giant received $618.1 million from the U.S. government, and raked in a total revenue of $1.6 billion, with reported unrestricted net assets of $883.3 million. This was after the Trump Administration worked to cut off several funding avenues. Planned Parenthood made a killing anyway.

Despite that, Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review is reporting that President Joe Biden is determined to give them more taxpayer dollars at a time of unprecedented fiscal uncertainty:

Both the relief bill passed by Democrats in the House and the plan proposed by President Joe Biden and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) include $50 million for Planned Parenthood’s slush fund, fail to add protections so that federal money doesn’t cover abortions, and allow abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood to obtain small-business relief loans through the Paycheck Protection Program.

Three senators—Montana’s Steve Daines, Oklahoma’s James Lankford, and Mississippi’s Roger Wicker—are proposing amendments to deny the abortion giant funding and strengthen Hyde Amendment protections, but it seems likely that the bill will pass on a party-line vote. The Democrats are owned by the abortion industry, and feticide fanatic Kamala Harris will be more than happy to cast a tie-breaking vote if necessary.

“Normal” is back under Joe Biden—and this is what it looks like: the destruction of the weakest and most vulnerable members of American society, paid for by the American taxpayer.

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