Sonographer describes watching unborn baby struggle as abortionist dismembers her

Laura Klassen—the founder of Choice42 and the creator of the “Magical Birth Canal” satire videos—recently posted a brutal description of abortion to her Facebook page. She had previously posted asking if a medical professional would be willing to share their experience in assisting with an abortion with her, and she received permission to post publicly (but anonymously) one of the testimonies that ended up in her inbox. This is what abortion is. Read it and weep:

As a sonographer, I had the unfortunate experience of having to assist in a D&E “uterine evacuation” procedure. The abortion doctor is not the only one in the room. An anesthesiologist, scrub tech, circulating nurse, and sometimes a sonographer are also captives and must be present during the procedure. One morning when I arrived to work my boss told me a surgeon was requesting ultrasound guidance in the OR and I was told to go assist in surgery. I had no idea what it was until I got to the Operating Room.

Upon my arrival, I was told to place the ultrasound probe on the mother’s pelvis and scan during the entire procedure. Not knowing what was actually happening, I was stunned as I watched the doctor thrust a catheter into the amniotic sac. I watched the fetus dodge the catheter and try to hide in the top (fundus) of her mother’s uterus to get away. (Yes, the pregnancy was far enough along that I could see gender). Then, to my horror, I watched as he inserted a forceps clamp and grabbed her tiny leg. She writhed around in pain trying to break free but there was nowhere for her to go.

Then the doctor pulled hard until her leg ripped away from her body. She recoiled and violently writhed around in pain and curled herself into a tight ball. But it was no use, the clamp grabbed her arm and she struggled to pull away, a little less because she was dying, as he pulled her arm off of her body. (It was hard to see by this time because I had tears rolling down my cheeks). The child again curled herself into a tight ball but again the device grabbed her other leg and it was ripped from her body. By now, her heartbeat had slowed significantly but she was still alive (they didn’t inject anything).

Then the clamp grabbed her last limb and ripped it off. She wiggled and writhed around and then her heart finally stopped beating. That is when I announced that there was no more cardiac activity. The nurse and scrub tech in the room gasped, realizing for the first time that this was happening to a fetus that was still alive. The remaining body parts (head, torso) were removed, placenta was removed, and a final look with ultrasound revealed all products of conception were removed. I was told I could leave the room at that point. Up until that moment, I was frozen. I silently removed the ultrasound machine from the operating room and went to the women’s locker room and threw up. After that day, I refused to ever take part in another one of these procedures. Everyone in that room was horrified and nothing could have prepared me for it.

The point I’m trying to make, aside from my obvious opposition to late term abortion, is that I witnessed a child go through excruciating, horrific trauma with nothing to eliminate the pain. Just because they cannot be seen (without ultrasound), doesn’t mean they aren’t alive and can’t experience pain and fear inside the womb.

My experience happened over 20 years ago and it is just as vivid in my mind as the day it happened. The saddest part is that they have not changed the procedure to make it less barbaric in all those years. That is because so many people believe that “it” isn’t a person, just a mass of tissue. That is so far from accurate. Even death row inmates are given sedatives prior to their execution.

I don’t think the patients are told what the process entails. I think the truth is concealed about it so they don’t know what they really consent to. It’s time to unveil the truth.

Here’s what that abortion would have looked like:

7 thoughts on “Sonographer describes watching unborn baby struggle as abortionist dismembers her

  1. Karen says:

    This needs to be shown in secondary schools across the world! The governments are giving them sex education they also need to see this barbaric so called solution to an unplanned pregnancy!! So sad and unnecessary.

  2. Harry Mennega says:

    This needs to be shown in our Canadian schools, and should be required viewing for every elected politician.

  3. Dr.Hanson says:

    Hello, I just wanted to mention something. I’m a practicing neonatologist. While many people think that a fetus is conscious, studies have proven that embryos only start developing nerves at around 21+ weeks. The nerves aren’t fully developed until about 26 weeks, so even a 23-week-old fetus wouldn’t be able to feel pain, let alone move around to “dodge” surgical scissors.

    If you’re still concerned about your fetus being in pain, Utah has passed a law making doctors give anesthesia to fetuses for 20+weeks while performing abortions.

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