How public schools create transgender children

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The story of a BC father who fought to prevent his daughter from pursuing a sex change has come to what appears to be a sad conclusion. From the Toronto Star:

To his supporters, he is a “hero” for having taken a public stand against his transgender child’s decision to pursue gender-affirming treatment, even if that stand meant breaching court orders. On Friday, the one-time crusader sat in a B.C. courtroom, slumped forward in red-coloured jail attire, his head bowed down, as a judge lashed him for “blatantly, wilfully and repeatedly” defying publication bans and said a “strong denunciatory sentence” was required.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen ordered the father, who had pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of court earlier in the week, to a six-month jail term — far exceeding what the Crown had recommended — and to make a $30,000 charitable donation…The sentence brings to an end a case that started in 2018 as a messy family dispute, when the father tried unsuccessfully to block a decision by his then-14-year-old child — who was assigned female at birth but identifies as male and has the support of his mother — to pursue testosterone hormone treatment, and then veered into a quasi-criminal one, when the father refused to obey court orders limiting what he could say publicly about his child’s case.

I’ve spoken to the father several times, and he was desperate in his attempt to save his daughter. Now, he has said he regrets doing interviews with media outlets in which identifying information about his child was shared and wants to fix his relationship with her. I hope that he can do so. What a horribly sad case. So many parents are trapped in these awful situations where they simply do not know what to do.

As the Post Millennial reported, legal experts around the world are weighing in on this. A father jailed for speaking out against the gender conversion therapy that his daughter is undergoing—this is Canada in 2021. Heartbreaking.


If you want to know why kids are identifying as transgender in droves, read this thread from Chris Elston, a father who is campaigning against sex change “treatments” for minors. It details the propaganda and indoctrination children are subject to in high school. The details Elston provides here are from lessons given to a class of Grade 7 children in Ontario.

Elston has had his arm broken by angry activists for simply holding signs saying that children cannot consent to puberty blockers. The trans movement can be unbelievably violent when opposed—as commentator Caroline Farrow found out when she and her family became the subject of a terror campaign for her own opposition to sex changes for children:


In case you’re wondering what sort of videos are being used to explain “gender identity” to kids, give this a watch:

This is starting from the earliest ages, and it is a key reason we are seeing unprecedented numbers of children persuade that they are born into the wrong bodies.


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