Joy Behar and Bill Maher under fire for trans comments

By Jonathon Van Maren

These days, the revolution is moving so fast even the old school liberals can’t keep up. It’s interesting to see pundits who championed the moral upheaval of the past several decades with gusto and enjoyed mocking the views of the religious discover that the revolution they helped midwife is actually a religiously zealous one, and that the heretic-hunters of our new orthodoxies are lacking the forgiveness that characterizes Christianity.

Late night host Bill Maher is getting trashed again for “transphobia” for telling jokes about Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner with his usual crudeness. The former Olympian and trans activist is running for governor of California, and Maher couldn’t resist taking a few shots, noting that Jenner is “trans, rested, and ready” and stating snidely that “I know you think of her as a reality-show star, but come on, people change.” He then joked about Jenner’s surgical castration.

Maher is the sort of atheist who delights in blaspheming, and his noxious anti-Christian sentiments are frequently on display. But mocking Christians to a late-night audience is like preaching to the choir—telling jokes about “transition,” the extreme LGBT baptismal rite of passage that must be treated with the utmost respect, is downright dangerous. His jokes about Jenner were promptly headline news not only in the U.S., but worldwide, with his “cruelty” and “transphobia” condemned in chorus.


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