Canada’s state broadcaster cites trans activist who wanted women to choke on feces as expert

Warning: Vile content below. 

One of the transgender movement’s open secrets is the viciousness with which they persecute anyone who dares to speak out against them. Anyone who has spent any time on social media knows what happens when someone contradicts the trans narrative—even J.K. Rowling received rape threats and death threats. The #LoveWins movement claims to stand for compassion and tolerance and understanding, but if they are contradicted, unspeakably vile attacks follow immediately.

Liberal journalist Jonathan Kay posted one example of this recently. Canada’s state broadcaster the CBC regularly quotes trans activists when writing a story about why, inevitably, the trans movement is right (government-funded media tows the line.) But Kay—who has regularly taken fire from trans activists over his refusal to stop asking questions—pointed out that in one of their recent pieces, CBC quoted one of the trans movement’s most vicious trolls:


If you want a particularly brutal example of the sort of terror campaign trans activists are capable of launching against their critics, consider what is currently being endured by commentator Caroline Farrow:

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