Is the tide turning against the trans movement? (and other stories)

A roundup of important news from around the interwebs.


Medscape—a very progressive publication—has published a lengthy essay titled “Transgender Teens: Is the Tide Starting to Turn?” The authors wonder if the Keira Bell case among other recent developments may be turning the culture against the medicalization of young people. With the U.K. High Court ruling against puberty blockers for minors and a major Swedish institution doing the same, maybe—just maybe—they’re right.


The ethicist Dr. Margaret Somerville skewers the new rendering “pregnant persons,” which is replacing “woman” in many official documents and media reports. Even the abortion industry is on board, eager to signal their virtue while killing babies.


Rex Murphy, one of the few Canadian columnists willing to express his contempt for the new rules of wokedom, has issued another broadside that probably had his editors wincing:

It really is strange how quickly, and with so little resistance, people yield to the strange new lingo of what we may call the “woke movement.” People who are fervently woke seem to have gifted themselves with the very curious right to change the names of things.

I added “fervently” there because I cannot believe that even in the climate of new wokeism, all are so presumptuous and vain as to think they have such a right. But there’s no doubt that it is from this dim and grim movement that cancel culture springs. (Grim, because if you stir a woke hive, you will get stung. Dim? Well, let me continue.)

In the newly fashioned and explosively present trans movement, you may find perfect illustrations of this.  The basic names of things, such as “man” and “woman,” are being hauled from their very ancient roots. I am no linguist, but I’m willing to speculate that the very first words ever uttered — from that one instant, in the vast reaches of time when human beings discovered, were given or stumbled upon the faculty of speech —  were mutterings to denote, and to name, mother and father.

Read the whole thing. As with everything Rex writes, it’s worth it.


The Saskatchewan NDP are calling for so-called “bubble zones” around abortion clinics despite being unable to produce a single incident that would justify these restrictions on freedom of speech. As usual, they are pushing for this because they a) wish to lie about the behavior of pro-life activists to demonize their opposition and b) they do not want women presented with any options other than abortion.


Eleven Irish parliamentarians are proposing a bill that would require abortionists to use anesthesia during late-term abortions to prevent the baby being killed from suffering excruciating pain. What a murderous, bloody business.


In USA Today, Mary Rose Somarriba has a column titled “I was pressured for wanting my at-risk baby. Abortion and eugenics can’t be separated.” An excerpt:

I repeatedly tried to wrap up the conversation; she repeatedly tried to focus on how there could be something wrong with my baby. Neither of us used the word “abortion,” but it was obvious she was trying to steer our conversation into a discussion about it. I felt like she was trying to convince me to care about something, a CF diagnosis, that I didn’t care about – like she was trying to convince me to un-want my pregnancy

Read the whole thing.


More soon.

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