Trans school shooter sentenced, the backlash against the Woke (and other stories)

A roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


This story from The Post Millennial is wild:

A former high school student charged with opening fire alongside a transgender accomplice on “transphobic” classmates at a Colorado charter school has been convicted of all 46 counts, including murder…Social justice crusaders on social media advocated to #AbolishPrisons for McKinney’s release who was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole last July. McKinney was born female but identifies as male.

Leftists claimed that “oppressive society” and “a world designed to kill us” had driven McKinney to violence, alleging that he doesn’t deserve to be punished for his crimes because it wasn’t his fault that he committed the acts.

Instead, the social justice warriors advocated for the mass shooter to be able to “thrive as a trans person,” and that the courts should disregard the first-degree murder and 16 other counts to which he pleaded guilty.

Read the whole thing.


Over at National Review, Michael Farris predicts “The Coming Backlash against Woke Public Schools”:

The reports coming out of the school systems of Portland, Ore., and its suburbs are simply terrifying. Children are being taught the narrative that America is fundamentally evil, and the rioters who continue to wreak havoc on that once-beautiful, quiet city are held up as heroes. As Christopher Rufo has reported, “The schools have self-consciously adopted the ‘pedagogy of the oppressed’ as their theoretical orientation, activated through a curriculum of critical race theory and enforced through the appointment of de facto political officers within individual schools.”

And it is working. The schools have become, Rufo notes, “a school-to-radicalism pipeline.”

Read the whole thing.


Over at The Washington Examiner, Tom Joyce looks at the ways that corporate bullies could apply pressures on states to keep abortion legal if Roe v. Wade should be overturned.


At The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has a fascinating piece on Hungary’s leader titled “Who is Viktor Orban?” For those of you interested in what this transformative leader is all about, give it a read.


If you’re a staunch pro-lifer as I am, Mike Pence has been a champion. I heard him speak first as a Congressman, and he spoke eloquently about his pro-life convictions. I’ve made the case before (at The American Conservative) that it was primarily Pence, not Trump, who gave us the string of pro-life wins during the last administration. But for many, support for Trump is not about the pro-life cause or any other political issue. It has become a personality cult. Exhibit A? Pence had his speech at the conservative Faith and Freedom drowned out with boos and calls of “traitor!” earlier this month, presumably because he didn’t attempt to interfere with the electoral process in favor of Trump. Unbelievable.


More soon.

One thought on “Trans school shooter sentenced, the backlash against the Woke (and other stories)

  1. Navi says:

    No, the Fake News Media exaggerated Pence being booed. If you watch the video, you’ll see that it was only like one or two people while the rest of the crowd gave him thundering applause. He also gets around 70% approval from Trump 2020 voters in polls.

    As for corporate boycotts, they’ll be tricky to do if there’s a lot of pro-life states (including big ones like Texas and Florida). They’re more bark than bite.

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