DC Comics goes queer with bisexual Robin ‘reveal’

By Jonathon Van Maren

I’ve said it often in this space, and I’ll say it again: There is not a single aspect of American entertainment, arts, and letters that the LGBT movement will not colonize in the years ahead. The classics that cannot be colonized (like that alternative version of Little Women where Jo is a lesbian) can be cancelled for not perfectly reflecting the idiocy of our current moment.

Archie Comics introduced a gay character (Kevin Keller) a few years back to great fanfare and little surprise. There’s been a handful of LGBT characters in X-Men; children’s TV and cartoons has been thoroughly queered. Marvel outed Captain America figure Aaron Fischer for Pride Month last year. But there are still more franchises to conquer, and the latest one is, if the online reaction is any indication, quite the victory.

DC Comics has revealed that one of their “most beloved superhero characters” has come out as bisexual. That is to say, Batman’s sidekick Robin—a.k.a. Time Drake—heads out on a date with a male character named Bernard Dowd in the most recent installment of Batman: Urban Legends. Comic book fans, of course, promptly said they’d suspected that Robin was bi all along.


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