Canada’s state broadcaster is all-in for the transgender movement

By Jonathon Van Maren

As evidence increases that gender ideology is dangerous and that transition for minors has devastating results, Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, has been publishing a flurry of articles defending the transgender movement. As I noted earlier this month in this space, the CBC recently published an article by a transgender professor from the University of Calgary calling on the government to do more to respond to criticisms of the trans movement. As it turns out, that column was just the beginning.

That editorial was followed up by an article titled “Anti-trans views are worryingly prevalent and disproportionately harmful, community and experts warn.” As journalist Jonathan Kay noted on Twitter, the article is a response to the fact that “some Canadian media are finally finding the courage to say what 99% of people think, notwithstanding efforts (such as are contained in this piece) to rebrand discussion of biology as hate speech.”

An excerpt:

Members of transgender and non-binary communities say they’re seeing concerning signs that transphobic ideology is worsening in Canada…

“The climate for trans people has improved in the last decade very considerably, but we’re definitely starting to feel some of those waves of anti-trans activism that have really taken hold in the United Kingdom and in the United States in recent years,” said Travers, a professor of sociology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C, who goes by one name.

Recent media coverage, including a story by the CTV News investigative program W5 and opinion columns published by the Toronto Star and CBC, have been criticized by some members of the transgender community for pushing transphobic ideas and misrepresenting the dangers they face daily, which, according to Statistics Canada, include violence and poor mental health due to discrimination.

Among the concerning messages, say critics, are assertions that trans people who have not undergone transition-related surgery are not real men or women or that falsely paint trans women as dangerous men. Similar ideas have been spreading in the U.K. for years.

Got that? A pro-trans investigative program that nonetheless featured the experiences of de-transitioners is portrayed by the CBC as transphobic. The article goes on to criticize Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, comedian Dave Chappelle, and columnist Rosie DiManno, who wrote that the phrase “pregnant people” was “trans activism run amok.” The CBC framed this as DiManno being “critical of the use of inclusive language in health care.”


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