Schoolgirls in Scotland refusing to use gender-neutral bathrooms (and other stories)

A roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


Over at The Dominion Substack, Ben Woodfinden has a long but very worthwhile piece on “The State of the Conservative Movement.” I’m very pessimistic about Canada’s conservative movement (if it can be called that) at the moment, and I share many of Woodfinden’s sentiments. I laid out my own thoughts on the bankruptcy of Canadian conservatism last year.


This piece on Fight the New Drug, while being too easy on porn users, is nonetheless very well-worth the read: “How My Boyfriend’s Porn Habit Personally Impacts Me.” Guys, read this.


Remember that trans professor who was advocating for the “de-stigmatization” of pedophilia? Good news: She has resigned from her university position after 15,000 people signed a petition calling for her removal.


An attempt by pro-abortion MPs in the United Kingdom to decriminalize abortion until birth has thankfully failed.


This column from Samuel D. James, “How to save the American man,” is very good. An excerpt:

Our contemporary crisis of masculinity is not merely a partisan skirmish. It stems from a holistic loss of moral vision. The ambition to reign over one’s instincts with self-control and use one’s strength to promote and preserve that which is truly valuable is near to the heart of true masculinity. This vision of manhood is about defending virtue as necessary for human civilization. Two revolutions—the sexual revolution and the digital revolution—have radically redefined how Western society discerns this masculine calling. Disconnecting the vital links between covenant and sex and between sex and children catechizes men away from orienting their lives toward the flourishing of others. Meanwhile, the rise of meaningless, impersonal information labor and the omnipresence of digital amusements induces a particularly masculine kind of despair at the transient and unreal character of day-to-day life.

Read the whole thing.


Bad news from C-Fam:

For the first time, the General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution that includes the terms “sexual orientation and gender identity,” though not without objections…

Fifty-eight countries voted to remove the phrase through an amendment on the floor of the General Assembly. Ninety countries voted to keep the controversial terms. But in a surprising development, all fifty-eight countries who voted against the controversial terms ultimately decided to support the resolution after failing to amend it. All they could do in the end is accuse the United States and the European Union of bullying and intimidation.

Early in the day, there were rumors that the Nigerian delegation would vote against the entire resolution if the amendment failed, stalling negotiations. The adoption of the resolution was moved from the morning to the afternoon without explanation. By late afternoon Nigeria changed direction and did not call for a vote against the resolution.

Negotiation insiders speculate that Nigeria changed position because of direct pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari from U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who was visiting Nigeria the same day. Many countries from Africa surprisingly abstained from the vote altogether, including Kenya, Chad, Burkina Faso, Benin, Burundi, and Rwanda. Delegates told the Friday Fax that the U.S. was lobbying countries for support.

Read the whole thing. The U.S. is a cultural colonizer, and is increasingly a force for evil in the world under the Biden Administration.


As predicted, unisex bathrooms continue to pose problems due to the fact that human nature cannot keep up with gender ideology. As The Times reports:

Girls are refusing to use gender-neutral toilets at Scottish secondary schools amid reports male pupils have been seen “waving sanitary products like flags” and urinating in sanitary bins.

A councillor has raised concerns that several female students have gone days without using toilets on campus due to sharing facilities and claimed boys at another school had been larking around with tampons.

Increasing numbers of schools, workplaces and businesses are introducing mixed toilets to save money, free up space and foster an inclusive environment that welcomes diversity. Unisex toilets are particularly common in newbuilds and refurbishments as part of a growing trend across Scotland.

Well, as long as it is “inclusive” I suppose the girls will just have to live with it.


More soon.

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