Nearly 10% of British women don’t know who the father of their children is

By Jonathon Van Maren

In 1934, Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin published his mammoth magnum opus Sex and Culture, a study of 80 primitive tribes and six civilizations over five millennia. According to Unwin, these case studies prove that when cultures become wealthy, they correspondingly loosen their standards of sexual morality. As a result, societies lose their cohesion as well as their purpose and drive. In short, the success of a society is, according to Unwin, directly tied to the sexual restraint they exercise. Once this is lost, Unwin writes, the die is cast—the decline is irrevocable.

Keep in mind that Unwin produced this study prior to the Sexual Revolution that rocked the West and was thus not commenting on our current cultural circumstances. Now consider the results of a recent survey commissioned by Topp Morning Casino, released last month. 1,000 British mothers were surveyed, and the survey found that “7.8% admitted to lying over the biological lineage of their children.” In short, almost ten percent of mothers in the U.K. do not know who the father of their children is.

“We were shocked,” a spokesperson for the company stated on their website. “This means that there potentially 2.1 million couples in the UK where the father isn’t the biological one.” According to the New York Post, the 2014 Australian documentary series “Who’s Your Daddy?” stated that “up to 30% of paternities are misattributed,” while a 2005 American study “estimated that 4% of American fathers were raising a child that they did not know was not biologically their own.”


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