Biden Administration says “mother” and “father” are offensive (and other stories)

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They said it would never happen, but here we are—the Biden Administration now says the terms “father” and “mother” are offensive. From C-Fam:

New U.S. guidelines for overseas educational programs suggest that the terms “mother” and “father” are “offensive.”

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) released guidelines encouraging USAID educational partners to integrate these new LGBT ideas into school curriculums and teacher trainings.

Reasserting its commitment to “inclusive development,” the new guidelines draw upon the Obama era strategy document LGBT Vision for Action, which outlined USAID’s strategy for promoting homosexuality and transgender ideology through its work overseas.

The new document offers “best practices” for LGBT “inclusion in education,” which includes banning the use of the “offensive and inappropriate” terms, like “mother” and “father,” removing books and content “from curricula that negatively stereotype” individuals who identify as LGBT and promoting “diverse sexual orientations and gender identities” in sexual education and family formation curriculums.

This is a reshaping of our society away from the natural family, in the likeness and image of the LGBT movement.


Ben Domenech of The Federalist has an interesting piece over at his Substack on the panic in the Cathedral over the wild popularity of Joe Rogan, who has a broader audience than any of the mainstream media networks. His presence threatens their control over the narrative, and thus they must silence him at all costs.


The Canadian province of Nova Scotia will be allowing a self-administered suicide—that is, assisted suicide assisted by nobody. This is simply horrifying. What have we become when we offer the despairing the means to kill themselves?


It is no accident that euthanasia deaths in Ontario went up by more than 30% in 2021. What sort of society accepts these numbers without asking why so many want to die?


More soon.

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