French court says man who identifies as a woman can be his daughter’s ‘mother’ on birth certificate

By Jonathon Van Maren

Just last month, I penned a hopeful essay for The European Conservative on the growing backlash to the transgender movement in Europe. From Scandinavia to the United Kingdom, medical authorities, courts, and governments are beginning to wake up to the reality that rapid-onset gender dysphoria as a peer contagion among young people is sparking a massive number of minors to become life-long medical patients, signing up for puberty blockers and sex change surgeries in their ill-fated attempts to change genders and discover their “real selves.”

I noted at the time that the trans movement is facing stiffer opposition in France, too. In September, I covered a French petition signed by over 50 French clinicians, medical professionals, prominent academics, legal and education experts, philosophers, sociologists, psychiatrists, judges, and psychoanalysts who excoriated transgender ideology and the practice of sex change surgeries and hormone blockers for children. It was a powerful rebuke to the dogmas of our day and appeared to signal a hopeful change – or at least, perhaps, that the trans movement had hit the highwater mark.

Despite the fact that in France, people identifying as transgender can have their chosen gender identity recognized by the French government, France’s highest court had ruled that a biological male “identifying” as a transgender woman could not be recognized as the mother of a child conceived with his wife. This seems like common sense, but in today’s age of insanity, any semblance of sanity is welcome resistance to the transgender juggernaut.

This week, however, brought disappointing news. A court of appeal in Toulouse as now ruled that the man claiming to be a woman has a legal right to be identified as the mother of his child. To understand how ridiculous and bewildering this all is, consider how Yahoo covered the story:

In what is a first for France’s judiciary, a court of appeal recognised the right of a male-to-female transgender – who conceived a child with her male reproductive system – to be named as the mother on the child’s birth certificate. This couple from the Hérault department – who were initially heterosexual  – have given birth to several children, the last one conceived after her father had changed sex, while keeping his male reproductive system. The girl was born after the change of civil status of the husband, who had become a woman.

This man, the media says, “conceived a child with her male reproductive system.” That brain-bending sentence is a succinct summary of the psychosis our culture has lapsed into. And of course, it is the poor little girl – who will have her birth certificate retroactively changed – that will be brought up in this confusing mess. The sane civil registrar who refused to make the original changes, according to Yahoo, rejected acknowledging “the maternal status requested by the non-gestating woman. Only the gestation[al] mother appeared on the child’s civil status.”


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