New York Magazine publishes manual on how to get illegal abortions if Roe falls

By Jonathon Van Maren

Roe v. Wade is likely to fall this coming month, and the mainstream media wants women to be ready — by providing them with a manual on how to have a do-it-yourself abortion. The May 23-June 5 issue of New York Magazine features this headline in block letters: “This Magazine Can Help You Get An Abortion: A State-by-State Handbook For Anyone In Need.” The “practical guide” to procuring an abortion in post-Roe America was written by Camille Squires and introduced by CNN contributor and author of Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Irin Carmon in partnership with another magazine, The Cut 

An editorial note declares: “The Cut and New York Are Committed to Making This Information Accessible” and states that the guide has been removed from behind a paywall to ensure that anyone can utilize it. The guide’s table of contents covers nearly every aspect of the abortion landscape in a future post-Roe America, including: how to find an abortion provider, how to get abortion pills, avoiding pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that may convince women not to kill their babies, and how to cover up an illegal abortion. 

The new post-Roe back-alley abortion guide is modeled after the pre-Roe guide published by New York Magazine in 1972, and it is far more comprehensive. The online manual comes with a search tool allowing people to search for pre-approved abortion clinics and abortionists by zip code, as well as doctors willing to perform abortions, funds to pay for abortions, and information on how to order abortion pills by mail.  

The second section is a step-by-step guide on “medication abortions” — where to order the pills, how long it will take to get them (depending on your location), and who to contact when taking them. It also provides contact information for anonymous pharmacies willing to ship abortion drugs into states where abortion is illegal. Specific instructions on how to evade a variety of laws banning or restricting abortion pills are provided.  

The third section — “How to Protect Yourself When Seeking an Abortion” — also focuses on how to evade the law when attempting to murder an unborn baby while in a jurisdiction that protects pre-born human life. “The Crisis Pregnancy Center Trap” warns that these centers are dangerous, and that they peddle lies such as information about “abortion pill reversal” (which is a procedure that has already saved many lives.) The folks at New York and The Cut, however, don’t want women to know that it isn’t too late to turn back even once they have taken abortion pills. Their macabre commitment to abortion precludes offering women a way out if regret sets in.  


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