The simple genius of Matt Walsh’s new documentary “What is a Woman?”

By Jonathon Van Maren

The genius of Matt Walsh’s new documentary What is a Woman? is that it boils a loud, contentious debate that the LGBT movement presents as impossibly complicated to a single, obvious question. Years ago, pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf reduced the abortion debate down to one central question: “What is the unborn?” If the unborn are not human, no defence of abortion is necessary. If the unborn are human, no defence of abortion is sufficient. A single question can be the hinge upon which an entire debate swings. Walsh has found that question, and it works brilliantly.

It is jarring to see how many people treat Walsh’s honest question with open suspicion. “Why are you asking?” they ask, knowing why he is asking—and knowing that they cannot respond. The standard answer to Walsh’s query is: “Anyone who identifies as a woman.” To which he replies: “What is the thing they are identifying as?” It is all well and good to make a circular argument—a woman is someone who says they are a woman—but how can we know what that is if nobody bothers to define it? What does it mean when someone says they are a woman?

The first interviewee, a therapist who identifies (I think) as non-binary, cheerily told Walsh that “some women have penises, some have vaginas” and assured him that asking that question might very well set him off on a journey of self-discovery. Dr. Marci Bowers, who has done 2,000 sex-change surgeries, admitted to having sculpted a vagina on a 16-year-old—but when Walsh asked Bowers if there was any peer contagion aspect at all to the surging number of gender dysphoric kids, Bowers admitted that there was at least a little of that. That fact does not appear to be impacting the surgeon’s willingness to irreversibly carve up kids.

Then there was Dr. Patrick Grzanka, a professor of gender and women’s studies who…could not define what a woman actually is. He also claimed that truth is transphobic and well, watch the clip:

If Walsh had written the script for the express purpose of discrediting the transgender movement, he couldn’t have come up with a better line than “the truth” being “deeply transphobic.” And then there’s his interview with Dr. Michelle Forcier, an abortionist who does a sideline in giving sex change drugs to the kids that survive her feticide work—you’ve got to see it to believe it:

At one point, Forcier actually tells Walsh that telling parents their child is a boy based on “that little penis” is wrongheaded and false. To get a sane reaction from people rooted in the real world as it exists, Walsh visited a Masai tribe in Kenya to get their thoughts. Having visited a half dozen African countries and had similar conversations myself, I can confirm that the average person there is simply boggled by the brain-bending stupidity being blindly believed in the West:

The most humorous interview was with an elderly fellow named Don Sucher, who achieved fifteen minutes of fame last summer after getting into a loud argument in front of his memorabilia shop in Aberdeen with a strapping city councillor who insisted that he was a woman. Sucher wasn’t having any of it, and the resulting altercation went viral. Walsh asked him the titular question, and then asked him how he knew he was a male. Don looked irritated. “I guess because I got a d**k,” he responded.

That might not be how a gender studies major talks, but that’s how normal people talk—or at least, think. It also encapsulates why this documentary is an important one—because it highlights, to legions of normal people, the insanity being taught to the next generation and the total intellectual bankruptcy of those promoting and teaching it. The documentary flashes through dozens of heartbreaking photos of shirtless, girly-looking teens with ugly red scars across their chests—their mastectomy scars. This ideology may seem ridiculous, and the academics who cannot even explain what a woman is certainly are, but the results of this, as a heartbreaking and powerful interview with a detransitioner highlights, are carved-up kids and growing carnage.

What is a Woman? asks a question that our culture can no longer answer—but most people still can. Walsh’s film highlights this divide, and I hope it both awakens and recruits the millions of Americans who are simply too sane to buy the snake oil stuff these delusional academics are selling. The future of millions of children depends on it.


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5 thoughts on “The simple genius of Matt Walsh’s new documentary “What is a Woman?”

  1. dan says:

    as an ex transsexual who had all the surgeries i am not a woman and i am simply a physical eunuch with some extra surgeries.. God created me and i had people change that in dr offices… that does not make me a woman aka female and i knew it all along the wasted 9 yrs of pretending to be a female.. thank you JESUS for turning me around in 2008

  2. Navi says:

    Yet locking it behind a subscription package ensures the audience will be limited to people that already fully agree with the premise.

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