Jane’s Revenge abortion terrorists have now targeted over 23 pro-life facilities without condemnation from Biden

By Jonathon Van Maren

Just as the mainstream media and progressive politicians remained largely silent as activists torched churches across Canada last year, a similar silence has greeted a spree of firebombings, vandalism, and threats directed at American pro-life groups as the nation awaits the Roe ruling. As I noted in my weekend report on the growing trend, if this were happening to even a handful of abortion clinics, there would be worldwide outrage. But when centers dedicated to providing resources for low-income mothers get Molotov cocktails chucked through their windows—nothing. Shockingly, Congressional Democrats are even slow-walking additional SCOTUS security measures after last week’s assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The violence against pro-life organizations is taking place under the name “Jane’s Revenge,” which I suspect is more of a slogan than an actual cell group at this point. When I wrote about Jane’s Revenge last week, a handful of attacks had taken place. By Tuesday morning of June 13, there has now been at least 23 attacks, including firebombing and vandalism. The Democrats have said nothing; Joe Biden hasn’t made a peep. Pro-life groups are taking measures to secure their offices and protect their staff, but aside from a handful of mainstream media articles (that unsurprisingly decline to dwell on the emergence of patterns) these acts are being ignored.

A pro-abortion Twitter account, “Yellow Peril Tactical,” has done what the media has not—documented a running list of what it calls “direct action against crisis pregnancy centers (ie fake clinics), anti-choice groups, etc”:

The list includes the firebombing in Madison, Wisconsin; vandalism at a church in Ft. Collins, Colorado; vandalism Reistertown, Maryland; vandalism at a Mormon temple in Olympia, Washington; smashed windows at a crisis pregnancy center in Des Moines, Iowa; vandalism in Lynwood, Washington; vandalism at a crisis pregnancy center in Washington, D.C.; vandalism at a crisis pregnancy center in Asheville, North Carolina; the firebombing of a crisis pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York; vandalism at a crisis pregnancy center in Florida; vandalism at a crisis pregnancy center in Vancouver, Washington; vandalism at two crisis pregnancy centers in Frederick, Maryland; vandalism at a crisis pregnancy center in Denton, Texas; and smashed windows at a crisis pregnancy center in Philadelphia. There’s also the firebombing of a crisis pregnancy center in Gresham, Oregon:

As I noted in my report last week, Jane’s Revenge is promising much more of this–beginning in earnest at 8 PM on Dobbs decision day if Roe falls (they haven’t given any indication of what they might do if Roe does not fall but the Mississippi law is upheld). They intend to escalate the violence interminably, making it a regular feature of a post-Roe world. Thus far, the Democrats appear willing to tolerate it.

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