Ron DeSantis exposes trans surgeries for children as “mastectomies” and “castration” (& other stories)

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This is fantastic news:

The full details are over at CNBC.


Question: Does this look like grooming to you?


Canada’s 2021 euthanasia numbers are out. Health Canada reports more than 10,000 deaths, representing 3.3% of all deaths, with at least 170 people choosing death due to loneliness and isolation.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis knows how to fight and tell it like it is. He has learned the lesson of the Trump years—that things are unsayable until someone says them—but is actually saying things that need to be said. Exhibit A–watch how he accurately, and publicly, describes sex changes for children:

Bang on. It is about time someone said it. DeSantis 2024.


The Washington Examiner has a good explainer on how DeSantis is pushing back against Biden’s radical trans agenda:

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has instructed schools in his state to ignore President Joe Biden’s new federal guidelines on inserting gender ideology into school curricula and counseling.

Florida public schools are already forbidden by state law from indoctrinating young children with transgender ideology or attempting to transition children behind their parents’ backs. But DeSantis’s education commissioner, Manny Diaz, has further made clear that schools should not feel pressure from these federal guidelines to treat boys as if they were girls or vice versa when it comes to school sports, bathrooms, or locker rooms. So Florida schools, at least, will not bow to any mandate to feign ignorance about the reality of sex, a biological characteristic from which each person’s humanity is inseparable.

Read the entire thing.


As I was saying earlier this week:

One set of rules for us, another set of rules for the LGBT crowd. Get used to it.




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