Welsh NHS changes “girls” to “young people who bleed” on menstruation website

By Jonathon Van Maren

The latest erasure of women is drawing outrage from feminists who must surely be feeling beleaguered at this point.

The MailOnline has reported that the terms “women” and “girls” have been removed from more government websites, this time from a Welsh government website presenting a guide on menstruation. Instead of referring to women, the Welsh government site instead refers to its target audience as “half the population” (which half?) and, even more confusingly, “young people who bleed.” 

This is just the latest example. We’ve been tracking the slow elimination of terms like “women” and “girls” in this space for several years now; the Daily Mail is one of the few media outlets willing to actually dig for these stories. U.K. government websites have eliminated women from websites dedicated to uniquely female health issues such as womb cancer, menopause, and breastfeeding (which, as you may know, is now “chest-feeding.”)  

The Mail felt compelled to point out that these changes don’t even make sense is some twisted, trans-ideological way: “Menstruation is a process unique to biological females and a man cannot have one, even if they transition to become a woman later in life.”  

The website “Bloody Brilliant,” set up by NHS Wales, was intended to empower…well, girls and women presumably. But “medics and campaigners” are livid that “half the population” has been reduced to terms like “young people who bleed” on a website that aims “to break the taboo around periods by encouraging conversation.” 


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