Teachers’ union resorts to smear tactics in ad to demonize parents who object to LGBT agenda

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the strange and unintended effects of the Covid lockdowns was that for the first time many parents were exposed to what educators were teaching their kids. Many were shocked, and the resulting backlash torqued an already-growing parental rights movement rooted in opposition to LGBT indoctrination and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

At first, progressives insisted that parents, if not lying, were simply following for the fevered conspiracy theories of raving right-wing pundits. Then along came activists like Christopher Rufo and Libs of TikTok, releasing a relentless torrent of stomach-turning evidence that teachers were, in fact, actively seeking to shape the minds of the next generation in truly disturbing ways. Many LGBT teachers, video after video showed, were openly recruiting.

In response, the LGBT movement and their Democrat allies have chosen to demonize parents. Politically speaking, it is a bizarre move. The attempt to call Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ parental rights bill the “Don’t Say Gay” law flopped despite near-universal mainstream media buy-in; when pro-gay liberal commentator Bill Maher read the bill, he asked his HBO show panel what the big deal was about: Shouldn’t parents be in the driver’s seat on issues of sexuality?

When even Bill Maher understands why parents are angry, maybe the Democrats should pick a more winning issue.

But getting in between parents and their children are what these activist educators are all about. The latest example of this comes from the New Jersey branch of the National Education Association, the most powerful teachers’ union in America. In response to parents showing up at school board meetings to demand explanations about what their children are being taught, the union is running an advertisement condemning these concerned mothers and fathers as “extremists.”


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