The UN and the EU are trying to make abortion an international human right

By Jonathon Van Maren

I am no fan of the World Economic Forum, the nongovernmental lobbying organization that hosts a tradeshow of dystopian ideas for the elites each year in Davos, Switzerland. I have Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset sitting on my desk (a fascinating combination of appallingly bad prose and sinister suggestions); I’ve interviewed public intellectuals such as Paul Kingsnorth and N.S. Lyons on the influence of the organization; I think that like George Soros, Schwab’s vision for our global future is an ugly one.  

But I do have one niggling problem with all of the attention the WEF has been getting lately: it is distracting people from organizations that are, for social conservative and traditionalist people, far more dangerous.  

One of those is the European Union, which is currently attempting to bully Hungary into bowing the knee after it banned LGBT propaganda targeted at children (by referendum), and is also targeting Poland for its pro-life laws. As an organization, it functions as an enforcer for the European LGBT movement and the international abortion industry, and it wields not just influence but very real power. 

The second is the United Nations. Most social conservatives have an instinctive and healthy suspicion of the UN while simultaneously ignoring much of what goes on there. Unfortunately, the LGBT movement and abortion activists are extremely engaged and have proven to be master manipulators in the arena of international politics.  


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