Democrat would-be governor Stacey Abrams preaches in church for abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate attempting to beat Republic Governor Brian Kemp, is wildly popular in progressive circles, and her claim that the 2018 governor’s race was stolen from her due to voter suppression was received as fact by most mainstream media outlets. Abrams thinks much of herself—she openly campaigned for the vice-presidential slot that eventually went to Kamala Harris, explaining to anyone who would listen why she’d be best for the job.

But her hubris on the abortion issue makes all of that look downright modest.

Abrams recently showed up to stump for votes at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Georgia. Abrams decided to use her church campaign speech to sermonize on abortion. According to Abrams, the problem with today’s pro-life politicians—and pastors—is theological illiteracy.

“I was trained to read and understand the Bible, and I will tell you this,” she thundered with obvious anger. “There is nothing about the decision to eliminate access to abortion care that is grounded in anything other than cruelty and meanness and danger in the state of Georgia. Nothing!”

She continued: “Brian Kemp, and yes, I’m going to call his name, is a hard-right religious extremist who has decided that he knows better than any woman about her body and has decided to make women second-class citizens in the state of Georgia in the year of our Lord 2022. Let’s be clear about what this law does. A 6-week [abortion] ban means you either failed biology or you failed morality because it is before most women know that they’re pregnant.”


One thought on “Democrat would-be governor Stacey Abrams preaches in church for abortion

  1. Dee says:

    Abrams is a typical liberal They even use the Church to try to justify their insane ideology and that THEY r the problem They should not of allowed her to tell her lies in church She’s an evil woman with an evil agenda Not my idea of a Christian No ONE would EVER make’me believe that Jesus Christ would be for abortion the murder of Gods most innocent creation Why don’t’ these loud mouth atheist just get their tubes tied That was a they hop from bed to bed they won’t be able to kill an innocent child simply because it’s an inconvience and has no right to occupy ‘Their Body’ even thou the child has a soul There will be a lot to answer for on’Judgement Day The ONLY Judgement that really MATTERS

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