Leftists and their media allies continue to shamelessly lie about late-term abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

With the fall of Roe v. Wade, the abortion industry and the Democratic Party have kicked into high gear disseminating as much disinformation as possible. Predictably, they are attempting to frame their position on abortion — which is fully legal throughout all nine months, for any reason or for no reason at all, funded by the government — as one of compassion.

When pro-lifers highlight the barbarism of the procedure, which becomes ever more gruesome as the child grows in the womb and becomes more difficult to kill, abortion activists insist that these procedures are rare and only procured by those pregnant with children who have fetal abnormalities. 

This is a lie, but has become the standard public relations line. This was how the debate was framed on a recent episode of Dr. Phil, in which Live Action founder Lila Rose brilliantly rebutted pro-abortion misinformation in a segment titled: “Carry to Bury.” Not mentioned by those defending abortion, of course, is the fact that the child will have to be buried whether or not he or she is allowed to be born — buried, or burned or thrown away. 

If journalists were actually curious about what goes on during an abortion — not to mention a late-term abortion — they would not only do more research, but they would perhaps quote what abortionists say when they don’t think the press is listening.

In a recent episode of the Feminist Buzzkills podcast, for example, Karishma Oza, the patient director for the DuPont Clinic in Washington, D.C., rebuts nearly all of her industry’s talking points. The DuPont abortion clinic does abortions up to 32 weeks, and Oza thinks that these late-term abortions are beautiful. 


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