Toronto teacher dons cartoonishly large fake breasts in class after identifying as a woman

By Jonathon Van Maren

Editor’s note: Contained in the article is a tweet showing disturbing footage of the teacher wearing the fake breasts. Readers are advised to proceed at their own discretion.

It was nice to see Canada’s prominent role in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II this week, because these days the world’s 2nd largest country usually makes international news for the radicalism of our woke regime.

For the past few months, for example, stories about suffering veterans, disabled people, and the impoverished seeking state-sanctioned (and funded) assisted suicide have shocked even impeccably progressive commentators abroad, turning Canada into something of an international cautionary tale. And of course, there’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a figure of great fun for more serious statesmen.

The latest story to attract international attention is the viral photos of a male shop teacher at a high school in Oakville, Toronto (Canada’s largest city) who has decided to identify as a woman. In order to make this point to his students, the Manufacturing Technology instructor is calling himself Kayla Lemieux and has outfitted himself with enormous prosthetic breasts that bulge out literally a couple of feet and are…well, see for yourself.


Not only is his costume a grotesque mockery of femininity, it is also a very real safety hazard in a shop environment. Not to mention to the moral health of the high school students who are, of course, expected to play along with this.


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