San Francisco school district teaches kids how to keep transgender ‘identity’ a secret from parents

By Jonathon Van Maren

Christopher Rufo is one of a handful of activists – along with Matt Walsh, Katy Faust, Laila Mickelwait, Libs of Tiktok, and a handful of others – who is proving that it is possible to successfully launch a movement opposed to the sexual revolution. His reporting consistently exposes how far the rot of gender ideology has spread inside the public school system, and his journalism regularly attracts attention from the authorities.

In his latest viral report, Rufo published a guidebook released by the San Francisco Unified School District “encouraging teachers to facilitate secret child transitions and to affirm students who use the gender pronoun ‘it’ at school – which, the district says, is the gender-identity version of the ‘n-word.’”

Rufo, as usual, presents his receipts in a Twitter thread replete with screenshots that prove his allegations. “The district teaches students that they can diverge from ‘vanilla sexuality’ and become part of the ‘bisexual umbrella,’ with sexual identity options including ‘fluid,’ ‘pansexual,’ ‘omnisexual,’ ‘homo-curious,’ and ‘hetero-flexible.,” Rufo noted. “The district also released a guide on ‘affirm[ing]’ students who use ‘it’ pronouns, explaining that it ‘has a long history being used as a slur to dehumanize trans and gender non-conforming folks,’ but can be ‘reclaimed,’ as African-Americans have done with the ‘n-word.’”


As always, however, the most disturbing part of the school guidelines is the fact that they give explicit advice on how to keep the identity of children secret from the parents. “The district has created a system for facilitating child sexual transitions for its K-5 students, telling children that they may choose a different name and set of pronouns than the ones they use at home, and that this new identity will be kept secret from their parents,” Rufo reported.


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