How trans activists encourage children to get “sex changes” without telling their parents

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the key accusations consistently leveled against Libs of TikTok, which has made countless videos of trans activists go viral – stating their agenda and views in their own words – is that they cherry-pick egregious examples of people saying things out of context to further a “transphobic” agenda.

This, obviously, is a weak attempt to divert our attention from the fact that these videos were first posted by trans activists themselves, and that we should listen very closely to what they are saying due to their position of cultural influence.

One recent example from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital shows the director of the Adolescent Speciality Clinic, which services children as young as twelve, stating that part of their patients’ visits involves having a confidential meeting with children while the parents are absent—in order to create a “safe space.”

As I’ve noted before, this is yet another example of how trans activists are increasingly saying that it is necessary for children to be cut off from their parents because it is actually LGBT activists, not mothers and fathers, who know what is best for children. This narrative is being pushed by some of the most prestigious publications, and it is vile and dangerous.

Consider how the Times, one of the U.K.’s leading newspapers, frames the problem in their recent report titled “Teachers face ‘significant challenges’ to avoid outing trans pupils to parents.” Read that again, closely. This article explains why teachers are struggling—to hide information about children from their mothers and fathers.


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