Why are parents taking their kids to drag events?

By Jonathon Van Maren

On my LSN podcast recently, I spoke with Katy Faust, author of the must-read book Them Before Us: Why We Need A Global Children’s Rights Movement. A key aspect of the Sexual Revolution, she noted, is that it created a culture in which the sexual and romantic desires of adults are constantly placed ahead of the needs of children. Thus, despite a pandemic of porn addiction that for many children begins in elementary school, virtually nothing is done; in the public sphere, Pride Parades and other displays showcase sexual behaviors regardless of whether children are present.

A perfect example of this mindset in action can be found in a recent story out of the Netherlands. The city of Assen hosted a Pride Photo exhibition ironically titled “Celebrating the Unseen,” which is an amusing tagline for a series about sex acts that the culture collectively celebrates for an entire month each year. The photo exhibition — which featured life-sized pornographic images of men engaged in group sexual acts — attracted the ire of horrified parents, who placed a large cardboard banner with the warning “not suitable for our children” over them.

Considering the content of these photographs, that is hardly a controversial observation, and city officials decided to move the “art installation” to The Brink, a green space further from the city centre — although the Drents Museum, which regularly hosts school field trips, is nearby. The director of the exhibition, Hein-Jan Keijzer, stated that although he understood the city’s decision, the objections of parents were “not only a slap in the face for the organization but especially painful for the people in the photos.”


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