Canadian abortionist defends euthanizing people with mental illness

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the horror stories of Canada’s killing regime hit international headlines, suicide activists like Dr. Ellen Wiebe—who is also an abortionist and started her euthanasia practice by killing patients in her abortion clinic, eliminating people at both ends of life’s spectrum—are moving to defend euthanizing those with mental illness. As always, Wiebe and others are presenting their lethal injections as mercy killing. From CTV:

“Mental illness and physical illness both can cause unbearable suffering,” says Dr. Wiebe, who’s already provided MAiD to over 400 people with physical illnesses…

CTV’s W5 spoke with several Canadians with long-standing mental disorders who welcome the imminent change. “There’s going to be a rush for the doors,” says Mitchell Tremblay. The 40-year-old says he was diagnosed with severe depression as a teen and he also deals with anxiety, alcoholism, personality disorders and continual thoughts of suicide. He can’t work and lives in poverty on a disability payment of just under $1,200 a month. “You know what your life is worth to you. And mine is worthless,” he says.

But some experts warn Canada is about to offer what they say will amount to “state-assisted suicide” for the mentally ill, at a time when health services are strained.

Dr. John Maher told CTV that wait times for mental health treatment programs in Ontario are up to five years long, and that one of his patients recently told him he’d like assisted suicide because he believed nobody would ever love him. Maher rejects suicide as a solution to mental illness:

You’re assisting someone in the completion of their suicide. The doctor is the sanitized gun. I’m not at all disagreeing that there are people who have an irremediable illness. What I defy you or any other person in the universe to prove to me is that it’s this person in front of you.


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