A Canadian embarrassment: Justin Trudeau to guest-star on drag queen show

By Jonathon Van Maren

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making headlines again. As the hearings on his knee-jerk invocation of the Emergencies Act drag on, Rachel Gilmore of Global News tittered on Twitter that Trudeau was going for yet another first: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t sashayed away from the opportunity of being the first world leader on Drag Race. Condragulations, [sic] Canada!” The trailer, posted from the TV show Canada’s Drag Show, featured the prime minister striding onto the set—to enormous excitement.  


Or as CTV News put it: 

Justin Trudeau is swinging by the “werkroom” on an upcoming spinoff of “Canada’s Drag Race.” Producers of the drag queen competition series say the Prime Minister will make a special appearance on “Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World”…An image from the set showed Trudeau beside Toronto drag queen and host Brooke Lynn Hytes in a segment where the contestants receive inspiring words before the episode’s main challenge. 

Gilmore—an alleged journalist who alternates between complaining about right-wingers and claiming persecution—stated that Trudeau’s appearance is significant because of the existence of parents who find these performances inappropriate: “Trudeau is making this appearance at a time when Drag events have been facing serious, hate-fueled backlash…Multiple events at libraries in Canada, where Drag Queens have read stories to kids about inclusivity, have been protested. Organizers have faced hateful slurs and threats.”  


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