When will the press cover the epidemic of transgender violence against women?

By Jonathon Van Maren

If the mainstream press is to be believed, the transgender movement is the greatest human rights movement of our time, eclipsing and replacing both the feminist movement and the gay rights movement.

Thus, you will not, for example, read headlines like these from the dissident feminist site Reduxx:

The reason I highlight these stories is because the media is almost completely ignoring a very real trend in which males identifying as female harass, physically threaten, and assault women who disagree with them. In many cases, these women are “gender-critical” feminists who refuse to accept the idea that men identifying as women are women; in the United Kingdom, these feminists are largely leading the charge against gender ideology.

In fact, in the United States we have seen Antifa joining forces with trans activists. Andy Ngo, a reporter for The Post Millennial, noted that the black-clad thugs in New York City declared that opposing transgender ideology is akin to fascism – the video footage shows one Pride organizer screaming at the women: “I’ll beat your ass, bitch!”


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