Canadian doctors want to hide euthanasia rates by falsifying death certificates (& other stories)

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At Law and Liberty, my friend Amanda Achtman has an important piece on Canada’s Orwellian euthanasia regime—and how medical professionals are trying to hide the death rate:

Physicians who provide MAID must complete the medical certificate of death.

When completing the medical certificate of death, physicians: must list the illness, disease, or disability leading to the request for MAID as the cause of death; and must not make any reference to MAID or the medications administered on the certificate. (emphasis mine)

Here we have the deliberate directive by a governing professional body to falsify medical records. A doctor’s administration of midazolam, propofol, and rocuronium is undeniably the cause of his or her patient’s premature death. But soon, we may no longer know the number of Canadians being euthanized because of the host of other “causes” being listed on death certificates to mask the widespread death-by-doctor. 

As Canada’s euthanasia regime becomes an international embarrassment, those who facilitate it now want to hide what they are doing.


The number of stories coming out detailing the desperation of impoverished Canadians seeking state-facilitated suicide is almost numbing at this point. The latest, from CTV News:

A disabled 32-year-old woman says she is in the final stages of requesting a medically-assisted death after seven futile years of applying for affordable housing in Toronto. Denise, whose real name has been omitted to protect her identity, suffers from a condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Exposure to chemicals that commonly linger in households, like laundry detergents and air fresheners, triggers debilitating symptoms.

Thirty-two-years old. This is the society we have created.


My friend Andrew Lawton has published a powerful piece that everyone should read, and share—it is time for Canadians who know where this ugly regime is headed to stand up and be counted. It is titled “If Canada’s incoming assisted dying rules were there a decade ago, I’d be dead”:

Survivors and experts urged the Liberals to exclude people suffering only from mental illnesses, but the government wouldn’t budge. Their only concession was to defer it with a two-year sunset clause, which expires next March. This issue is personal for me. Had this form of medically assisted dying been around in 2010, I’m confident I’d be dead right now.

I was 21. Despite some unexpected medical issues in 2009, I was generally healthy (physically, that is). I had a roof over my head. I had a loving family. I had dreams.

But I was depressed. I was making reckless decisions. I was becoming more convinced I’d be better off dead. It wasn’t a sensible conclusion, but I felt it was the right one and was pretty good at rationalizing it.

Now, people like Lawton—and so many of our loved ones—will have an incontrovertible right not to help, but to state-facilitated suicide. Those suicide attempts, by the way, never fail. Here’s how he concludes the article:

If I told a doctor in 2010 I wanted to kill myself, I’d be institutionalized. If I had the same conversation next year, I’d get a referral to someone who could help me do it.

Think of your friends and your family members. Make a mental list of those who have struggled with mental illness and suicidal ideation. And then consider, for a moment, what your life would be like without them—because that is the world we are headed for. It is almost here.


In fact, in fits and starts, we are arriving at a place where the suicidal are actively offered suicide:

Those who advocated for this regime will one day regret it.


Unfortunately, more soon.

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